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The VideoVets Project: Bring Our Troops Home

About the VideoVets Project

VideoVets: Bring Our Troops Home is an important new project that will use the power of internet video to help spread the stories that folks need to hear most: the truth about how veterans and military families feel about the war and why we need to bring our troops home safely and quickly.

Every day at MoveOn we get letters from military families and veterans who’re outraged that the president hides behind the troops to justify his policy—a policy that’s leaving tens of thousands of them stranded in the middle of an unwinnable civil war. So we teamed up with our friends at to give these folks a platform to speak out.

You watch the videos and tell us what you think.  We’ll take the one you select and Academy Award winning director Oliver Stone will turn it into a TV ad—spreading this message even further. Believe us, once you get started watching these you won’t be able to stop.  You have until midnight (Pacific Time), April 25th, to log your ratings. 

Today, we have over 20 interviews, each less than 2 minutes long.

Tina, a mother of a soldier who served in Iraq said, “I participated in this project for two reasons:  First, I think that too many Americans don't grasp the seriousness of the physical, mental and emotional burden of this war.  Too many of the finest of a generation have been disillusioned by being asked to fight in a war that was based on lies and then poorly conducted. My son is further devastated by the injuries and death caused by this conflict - both to his fellow soldiers but also the Iraqis.   Secondly, I am speaking for my son; although he shares my feelings, it is just too difficult for him right now.”

John, a former Sgt. who served in Baghdad told us, “I think it is imperative to educate the American people about the reality of the situation in Iraq.   Our presence in Iraq is contributing to the daily and endless violence.  The Iraqi people do not view us as liberators.  Instead they view us as occupiers.  Iraq is currently engaged in an internal power struggle between the Sunnis and the Shiites.  The only thing that both warring factions have in common is their shared interest in attacking and killing U.S. Troops.  This conflict has deteriorated our military's manpower and capability to defend us in the event of a future attack or crisis making us less safe here at home.  There were no WMDs to disarm, Saddam is gone, the Iraqi people have had three democratic elections, and they now have a new military and police force.  We have done all that we can do militarily for Iraq, and we are fresh out of excuses for remaining there.  It is now time to begin the process of bringing our brave men and women in uniform home.”

Molly, one of our volunteer videographers said, “I participated in this project because it is important to me to support our troops by keeping them out of poorly executed military conflicts that do nothing to protect our national interest.”

Sara, another volunteer videographer said “I participated in this project because its message moved me.  I firmly believe that once other Americans watch and listen to the stories of soldiers returning home it  will move and influence them as well, in a meaningful way. Not only is illustrating the experiences of Iraqi War Vets, but MoveOn is further letting the public decide on what story resonates most with them. In this way, MoveOn is creating a commercial that speaks to the experiences of many American soldiers; it is representative and democratic.”

Sonny, a military family member said, ”I participated in this project, because I believe that being a Patriot / Patriotic and/or supporting our troops means that you do the right thing. You honor truth, even if that means you admit that what we thought was right IS not working. I believe that that the president has placed his pride above what is ethically right for his own gain. I hope this project will help the ignorance of many open their eyes and ears. It’s time to listen and see what’s is happening.  ACT NOW. PEACE is PATRIOTIC.“

We went through the messages we received from veterans and military families outraged about our direction in Iraq. We spoke with our friends at VoteVets about their members who felt the same way. We realized that these folks needed a platform to speak out and that we were in a special position to give them one.

Then, over 700 MoveOn members around the country volunteered their time to interview and videotape the families and veterans. We put them up on our website—and on YouTube—for you to watch.

We believe that the best way to SUPPORT the troops is by LISTENING to the troops.  Let’s cut through all the politics of the war and support the troops by listening to them—and you can help do that by participating in VideoVets today.