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To: Obama organizers in the 201 E. 5th Ave., Suite E office in Gary, Indiana

Thank you, Obama organizers!

Your enthusiasm, hard work, and commitment inspired so many of us to get involved and helped win a truly historic election.

–Signed by 21 MoveOn members from the 201 E. 5th Ave., Suite E office in Gary, Indiana

Messages From MoveOn Members

The organizers in Gary made us all believe what most Americans had long ago given up on: That we CAN make a difference, by inspiring activists to get together and spread our positive message of change! We knocked on hundreds of doors the Saturday before Election Day and, because of our action, we made history in Indiana and in the United States! Thank you, thank you!

–Gregry F.

you all are so awesome! We miss you!

–Robin R.

We turned Indiana Blue! Great job, everyone. It was a pleasure to volunteer with you, and all the other people who made the trip from Chicagoland. Don

–Don S.

I was proud to help - it made me feel good!

–Bob K.

I have met a lot of beautiful people while volunteering to help elect Barack Obama as our President. I love saying that name. Too name a few and not all voluteers that I met wouldn't sit right with me. They (we) all were very committed. Anyway, I am not good with names. The volunteers from Gary, IN. and all over the US that I met and worked side by side will remain dear in my heart as does my family members. I am so happy. Blessings & Thanksgiven to my Obama famiy. Janice Hopkins

–janice H.

Thank you for all of your hard work in pushing Mr. President-Elect Obama to the White House. Because of you, we will finally experience CHANGE. Hope your Thanksgiving is full of happieness. God Bless. Damien Edgington

–Damien E.

I am so greatful for all you have done to make the United States a better country with Barack Obama as our head. You deserve much praise and thanks as we celebrate this Thanksgiving day. you are on the top of my list. Sr. K

–Kathleen Q.

You guys. We won Indiana! I put in 6 weekends in Gary and Indianapolis, which is like coming in on at the last minute bandwagon in some respects. But you folks were there for months and months, and I admire that kind of dedication and courage. Good work and thank you for the help in helping! Keep on keepin on...

–Chris E.

Thank you for the priviledge of allowing me to work with the Obama team

–Eleanor C.

Thank you for your leadership and training. Working on the campaign gave me a sense of pride and accomplishment. I will continue to volunteer as needed because it made me feel so good!

–Aleksandra S.

I have never seen such dedication, determination, and organization on this magnitude. Your hard work and extraordianry efforts helped to make this election a success. I want to thank you for allowing me to be a part of history. I applaud you efforts. Thank you, God bless you, and God bless America!

–Verlean M.

I volunteered for Obama in Gary. It was a great experience for a 60 year old white lady from a wealthy Illinois suburb. I was scared when I said ok. I am so greatful for the experience. I met some great people who welcomed me as someone who was just like them. We were working for the same thing. We were brothers and sisters for Obama. Thanks for making me feel like I was useful and making me feel a little less afraid. I will never forget that day.

–Linda M.

Thank you! You did a magnificient job. Dorothy Jones

–Dorothy D.