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For Immediate Release:                                                       
Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Over 200 Rallies Urge Congress To Over-Ride Bush Veto of S-CHIP

New Washington Post-ABC News poll shows 72% support Democratic S-CHIP funding plan, including 61% of Republicans

Coalition announces 1 million contacts will be made with Congress

Washington, DC – On Thursday, October 4, local parents and kids will hold a “Rally For Our Children’s Health” in front of over 200 congressional offices around the nation. Voters will urge members of Congress to over-ride President Bush’s veto of children’s health care. 

The events are sponsored by Political Action, Americans United for Change, AFSCME, USAction, SEIU, and True Majority.

*** To cover a rally, contact Doug Gordon at Fenton Communications - (202) 822-5200 x237 ***

The Democratic Congress recently passed the "Children's Health Insurance Program Reauthorization Act,” which would ensure that millions of children can see a doctor when sick. It passed the House on September 25, by a 265 to 159 vote -- approximately 290 votes are needed to over-ride a veto. It passed the Senate September 27 with a 67-29 veto-proof majority.

"President Bush and the Republicans are blocking health care for our children," said Noah T. Winer, who leads's health care campaigns. "It is outrageous that Bush and the Republicans are spending billions every week on the war in Iraq, but they won't protect the health of our kids back home. Congress must over-ride Bush's veto and stand up for America's kids."

MoveOn's 3.3 million members voted health care to be one of MoveOn's top priorities. 

In addition to tomorrow’s 200 rallies, the coalition announced a goal of over 1 million contacts to Congress. Voters will make phone calls, send emails, and write letters, urging Congress to support an override of the President's veto.

A new Washington Post-ABC News poll reveals 72 percent of Americans support the Democrats’ proposed $35 billion for children’s health care, including 61% of Republicans. The poll also shows Americans trust Democrats over Republicans on health care by 56% to 26%.


Vote count on the Democratic “Children’s Health Insurance Program Reauthorization Act” are here:

Washington Post-ABC News Poll: