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Rally locations Political Action's Rallies to Stop the Judicial Takeover

Wednesday's rallies marked the first big national public mobilization on either side in the fight over the "nuclear option." From coast to coast, people "cordoned off" federal courthouses to dramatize radical Republicans' plan to break the Senate rules and seize absolute power over judicial appointments.

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An estimated 15,500 people attended 192 volunteer-organized rallies in all 50 states, including:

  • 950 people in New York City
  • 530 people in Portland, Oregon
  • 200 people in Portland, Maine (in the driving rain)
  • 160 people in Ft. Worth
  • 100 people in Indianapolis
  • 140 people in Omaha
  • 90 people in Kansas City
  • 230 people in Decatur, Georgia

What happened?

"The rally and people were incredible. We chanted into our cell phones when calling the congressional switchboard and left a great message for Mr. Frist: 'Hands Off The Supreme Court.' At the end, we joined hands and circled the federal courthouse, chanting 'Save Our Courts.'"

-- Pamela, Denver

"I was the lone Republican in the crowd. I was selected as speaker for my group, mainly because I wanted all to know that this is NOT a Democrat or Republican issue. This is a Constitutional Crisis that affects us ALL. I was both humbled and proud to be selected to explain the difference between a Constitutional Conservative and these nut cases, er, NeoConservatives driving our government's agenda."

-- Earl, Chapel Hill

"After we couldn't reach Gordon Smith's local office by phone, about 100 of marched (chanting the whole way) to his office. About 10 of us made it past security and got one of his employees to come down to listen to our concerns and address the crowd."

-- Lisa, Portland, OR

"We tried to phone Sen Smith's office 'live' over the PA system… Got lots of 'mail box full' messages. Then someone in the crowd finally got through and brought his cell phone forward. We all chanted 'Save Our Courts' into the phone."

-- Marie, Portland, OR

"The best part was when a boat arrived with two attendees!"

-- Susan, Port Alexander, AK

"Without a doubt, the best part was when the self-described, pro-life Republican addressed the crowd and explained why SHE was there to support our cause!"

-- Corbett, Orlando

"The whole thing was awesome. When I finally left at 6:20, there were still at least 25 people standing on the sidewalk along the street holding their signs and chanting! Many people told me they had never been to anything like this before, and they would definitely do it again."

-- Susan, Decatur, GA

"The local TV station called me early this afternoon and said they would like to set up a "Point, Counter-Point" type thing with a spokesperson from us and a Republican. They were going to shoot that and leave. But after our people talked, they changed their mind. They stayed and kept taking more footage. And the Republicans never even showed up."

-- Merryman, Paducah, KY

"It was great to see so many people coming together. Many people, myself included, said that this was the first time that we have ever demonstrated. That's a major accomplishment and shows to what extent people are moved to try to stop the erosion of our democracy."

-- Pat, Hartford, CT

"No one (particularly me) expected so many to show up. I expected to see just a handful. It was wonderful to rea lize that there are so many who feel the same about the way (wrong way) the country is headed."

-- Ron, Palm Springs

"So many people coming together on such short notice, so many people passionate about our country, our government, about the misdeeds going on. So many people fired up to go home and keep working to protect the filibuster and insist that fair and balanced judges be appointed. So many people disgusted with the Bush administration."

-- Tanya, Stamford, CT

MoveOn members take their message to the streets (click images for larger version).
Click here to see all the rally photos from each state.