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To join the Gainesville Council, please fill in your information. The Council leaders will be sent your name, phone number, and your reason for getting involved.

When you join the Council, your contact information (name and phone) will be added to the Council roster. You'll receive emails from MoveOn about Council activities, as well as emails and possibly phone calls from other Council members who are working to plan local activities. You'll also be able to call or email other members in your community. You can unsubscribe at any point.


I understand that I am volunteering for MoveOn Political Action events at my own risk and that MoveOn Political Action shall not be responsible for the conduct of any other volunteer or participant. I hereby release MoveOn Political Action, and each of its present and former officers, directors, employees, agents, and affiliates from any liability that may arise from my participation, including from transportation to or from any location or from the acts or omissions of other persons.

I agree to the statement, and also attest that:


Privacy Policy Political Action will send you updates by e-mail. If you join a MoveOn council, you may also receive updates from your other council members. You can remove yourself from the mailing list at any time. Your phone number will be visible to other members of your coordinating council. You may be contacted by phone to coordinate your participation in MoveOn events.

We do not share the information you’ve given us with unaffiliated groups without your explicit permission.

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