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Gerry B, Alpharetta, GA
What does Obama's victory mean to you? This morning, I took out and held my copy of Strength to Love by Dr. King. It was a copy that had actually belonged to him, and has notes in the margins penned in his own hand, and some folded sheets of Ebenezer Baptist Church stationery with his handwritten sermon on them. It was given to me by Hosea Williams in 1968, when I was working as a volunteer for SCLC down on Auburn Ave. As I held it, I cried at the overwhelming importance of what occurred last night. I thanked God for the grace given to this nation to respond to the challenge and the opportunity we were given in this election. I remembered many things: April, 1968, at 3:00 am, outside Sisters Chapel at Spellman College on the AU Campus, where Dr. King was lying in State, I was standing in a long line of mourners all waiting respectfully in the chill night air, speaking in hushed tones, or not at all, to view his body and pay our respects No one was impatient, and when we each had our turn to stand before his casket, no one felt pressed to hurry past. I remember taking a few moments in reflection and prayer there, with tears streaming down my face, feeling an intense commitment in my heart to continue what he had given his life trying to accomplish. I was 20 years old at the time, just opening the wrapping on the gift that was to be my life. Now, at 61, I am still unwrapping that gift. Last night was so major for me. There have been so few elections in my life in which I have actually voted for the winner! I have often felt so isolated, out of step with those around me, but yet so sure that the path I was on was the only one that I could walk with conscience. In 2006, I was encouraged by the election results. Last night, I was overwhelmed with joy and hope, gratitude and belief in humanity. I'd like to bottle those feelings and be able to take a swig every now and then just to refresh my soul. I have felt almost euphoric all day, in a very spiritual way. I have a strong belief that this man with the unusual name is living his destiny, and affecting ours in a most profound way, for the good of all. I appreciate all of you, and the ones coming behind you, for living the dream we dreamed, for coming from love and not fear, and for being a part of the new majority in this country. Hip Hip Hooray!!!!!! Gerry Burge
What should we do next? Form task groups to offer assistance on various areas of the agenda.
Viola G, Millsboro, DE
What does Obama's victory mean to you? I have voted since I was 21yrs,1969.For the first time this campn I worked in the Geortwn,De office, did door 2 door canvasing in Pa,gave donations.This election meant so much to me. I am a 25yr brst cancer surv.Barack Obama was so inspirational. When I think of all who died before this election,I was inspired to do my part for those who couldn't. It was my civic duty as an african amer woman to do what I could. Prayerfully my grd children and grt grd children will reap the benefits of the choices and changes that will be made by Barack Obama and his cabinet.He will be a real ROLL MODEL for generations to come!!!
What should we do next? Continue to pray for the work he has to do.Be patient! It will not be done overnight.
Selicia S, Newport News, VA
What does Obama's victory mean to you? Obama's victory in one simple word meant "Change" to me! I am so blessed to have been able to see history made!
What should we do next? Continue to pray for him because he has a huge mess to clean up!!!!
Michelle T, San Clemente, CA
What does Obama's victory mean to you? HOPE for a smarter, better tomorrow...and that when we work together, anything is possible!
What should we do next? Meet with the smartest people on the planet and figure out how to solve our problems in a bi-partisan way...then communicate with the American people and let us weigh in, so that we really stay connected.
Corey W, Tampa, FL
What does Obama's victory mean to you? The start of another epic era of American accomplishment.
What should we do next? yes we can... yes we are... yes we did and will again. We can be financially responsible We can have more mutual respect We can have a right to supportive healthcare We can have multi-religious peace We can be a healthy multi-ethnic culture We can better conserve our resources We can have energy independence We can welcome and care for our veterans We can be of service to our country and neighbors
Cynthia C, Los Angeles, CA
What does Obama's victory mean to you? All my life, the American flag had felt to me like a symbol of the right wing. One day in early 2008, I passed an oversized flag that flies over a business on San Fernando Road in Los Angeles, and something shifted. For no conscious reason, I suddenly saw something else. I saw Barack Obama. I'm thrilled, and proud, and humbled to live in a nation that's put him in the White House.
What should we do next? Begin a grass-roots CRITICAL THINKING movement.
What does Obama's victory mean to you? The hope I have for America is so uplifted now. Obama challenges us to be united as one Nation One World. I pray, hope and know he is the right leader for the job and I feel that we will once agian be a Beacon upon a Hill as Kennedy once procliamed Thank you MOVEON.corg and America for voting in the Best President of my life time. This is my friend Donna and I enjoying eachother at a Victory Party!!! Crystal
What should we do next? Get out of this invasion in Iraq and create better teachers and more lower class jobs. Bring the work home!!
Barbara A, Pleasanton, CA
What does Obama's victory mean to you? This victory provides an opportunity for peace and reconciliation, for coming together as a nation to remember who we are: A democratic republic whose cornerstone founding principles and ideals are not about power, money and exlusion or elitism. Rather, we are a nation that knows we can only stand, solid and secure, on the principles of freedom, justice and equality for all - worldwide!
What should we do next? Keep the grassroots efforts moving. Let our leaders know we want to do the work with them when they are working for the good of the nation and the good of the world.
Pamela B, Las cruces, NM
What does Obama's victory mean to you? Victory means hope. Obama has a wide world-view. He will do his best. I have hope for the country, hope for the 'system', hope for the world. I know he won't be able to do everything he wants (there is Congress), but he will TRY.
What should we do next? We should be ready for a reality check. I believe in Barak Obama, but he is human. He will do his best, but he can't do everyting. WE have to help.
Wayne M, Madisonville, TN
What does Obama's victory mean to you? I'm 54 yrs old and couldn't be more proud of every citizen who voted. Thanks to MoveOn. Reminded me a lot of 1968 when americans united to force a CHANGE in government.
What should we do next? Keep up the fight
Dan C, Chicago, IL
What does Obama's victory mean to you? YES WE DID! From the epicenter of downtown Chicago, thank you Obama and the rest of America to rise above.
What should we do next? Keep that enthusiasm for change going. Don't let up.
Denise D, Canoga Park, CA
What does Obama's victory mean to you? It means hope for the future. When faced with legalized discrimination against gays/lesbians in my California and other states, it is easy to dispair over this past Nov. 4th. However, Obama brings new life into my fading patriotism. As our nation's leader, he better represents who we are as a people. With Obama at the helm, I have hope that our standing with the rest of the world's nations will improve. I have hope that some day my family will own a house we can call home. I have hope that every citizen will one day have equal rights in this country. I have hope to one day dance at my gay sister's wedding. I have hope for my son's future. All this is for our children's future.
What should we do next? Fight against legalized discrimination against the homosexual community so that in 40 to 60 years we can elect the first gay president and welcome the first same-sex couple to the White House. President Obama is living proof that legalized discrimination can be overcome!
Lameka G, Saint Charles, MO
What does Obama's victory mean to you? Obama's Victory means hope for everyone.
What should we do next? What ever it takes to help each other move in the right direction, with respect and love.
Kellye D, Wesley Chapel, FL
What does Obama's victory mean to you? I volunteered and early voted for President-elect Obama because I believe. I believe that he will inspire and mobilize people to do for themselves and each other. I am inspired to take the initiative to do more for my community and better myself. This is a journey towards unity and I'm so proud and excited to have been a part of the CHANGE.
What should we do next? start a grassroots effort in our local community that can be nationally organized and progress tracked online by each local org.
Mary R, Vashon, WA
What does Obama's victory mean to you? Last night was an amazing, exhilarating, deeply moving event. Today, I’m pretty exhausted, but hopeful about the future, and so thrilled that the younger generation has experienced this incredible success as a result of their passion and commitment. Remembering the dark days of the Vietnam War and so many other elections and battles we’ve struggled for and lost, it is totally thrilling to see our country rise up in deep, heartfelt response to someone with the courage to voice values and commitments that our world so desperately needs. We are greateful to Barack, Michelle and their family for this incredible gift they have given to the American people by putting themselves on the line, risking so much and having the constant, unflagging moral compass tested over and over again in this campaign. We are inspired and excited about the future!
What should we do next? Invest in renewable energy,sustainable business and green collar jobs. Bring the new economy to the hardest hit states fast!Create incentives for sustainable businesses; don't bail out the auto industry unless they are ready to tool up for the needs of the future. National dialogue on the values of America regarding tolerance of race, religion, political preferance to counteract dangerous ideologies and hate speech that was at play in this campaign.