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Paula A, Austin, TX
What does Obama's victory mean to you? It was a great day for Americans and the world.
What should we do next? Select a well qualified staff.
marion r, West Chester, PA
What does Obama's victory mean to you? As a caucasian woman I felt deeply proud to have contributed to give hope to all the non-caucasian human beings on this planet !
What should we do next? Keep up with the good work to help Obama be successful in his presidency
Maren D, Hudson, WI
What does Obama's victory mean to you? As we breathe a collective sigh of relief, my faith in my country is restored. I was honored to volunteer and do my part to get out the vote. We did it!
What should we do next? Let's keep the momentum going to make sure all the changes really do start to happen on local, national, and global levels.
cristina p, cambridge, MA
What does Obama's victory mean to you? My son, seen here in his senior photo, and all other American children, can aspire to do anything! Thank you for giving us hope!
What should we do next? Volunteering on this campaign was a tremendous thrill. Together we will be able to achieve anything. THANK YOU!
Jenny M, Tarrytown, TX
What does Obama's victory mean to you? I've had to pinch myself several times -- am I really awake? Can I really be this happy? YES I CAN!! Hallelujah!! I'm 61 and this change has been a VERY long time coming. I've been working toward this since the marches in Alabama. has been tremendous. I'm a member here as well as a tireless sender of emails; not just to friends, colleagues and family, but to Presidents and other officials. I've had a picture of Obama on the wall by my computer since he gave his keynote address at the Democratic Convention in 2004. This man out of nowhere sent electricity through me as he spoke. He was our best hope then, and he's our best hope now. Best of all, my birthday is Jan. 20 -- what a fabulous 62nd birthday present I have comin'! GOBAMA!
What should we do next? End the war quickly but with integrity, so we can help victims of Katrina and Ike, and keep our shores safe but not barriers.
Mamie C, Phoenix, AZ
What does Obama's victory mean to you? I want to be a part of THIS political process. This nation has taken a huge step forward. My daughters can be optimistic about the future; both politically and socially- the bar has been raised! I feel more united with my fellow Americans. I actually CARE what is happening in politics now. Simply because I believe in Barack Obama. Before, I did not believe in any politician; I chose the lesser of 2 evils. I want my girls to be politically & socially aware. Whereas before, we have always been involved in our community and in service. This is something I want to always be important to my daughters. But, I never felt compelled to involve them in politics; it is too depressing and the "system is broken" anyway. They are only 10 & almost 7- but, they are "On Board with Barack"!
What should we do next? Stay involved. Keep the momentum of this historic movement going. Spread the optimism and HOPE! Write your senators and congressmen. Make your voice heard on days other than election day (altho- that is very important!)
Kathy w, Portland, OR
What does Obama's victory mean to you? A renewed faith in this country, and in the human race!
What should we do next? Take up the task of restoring our environment, breaking down the walls of bipartisanism, bringing this country into a new enlightened era.
Marc W, Chicago, IL
What does Obama's victory mean to you? I'm so proud of our country this morning. The great democratic experiment is back on track. Difficult work and tenuous times lie ahead. But for the first time in years, I feel that together, we Americans are up to the challenge of making a better country for ourselves, and in the eyes of the rest of the world. GoBama, Go America!
What should we do next? Close Gitmo, stop torturing and extraditing suspects, and bring in an Attorney General who will hire an independent prosecutor to pursue those at the highest levels of the Bush administration who ordered prisoners tortured.
Cris B, Lorane, OR
What does Obama's victory mean to you? Hope. Hope is the song. The rhythm, the heart beat that's been missing from life force and fabric of our society. Hope is the victory we will see come to fruition as we stand united working for change, and singing hope's victory song.
What should we do next? Live this victory out loud... find our individual and collective voice...never stop speaking hope and peace at home and abroad.
Paco P, Santa fe, NM
What does Obama's victory mean to you? Obama's victory means a transformational age in America's history in the world. Thank you Move-on and all fellow members for having the courage, passion, and audicity of hope to orchestrate what will be considered one of the greatest non-violent revolutions of all mankind.
What should we do next? Take on global issues such as nuclear non-proliferation, world hunger, genocide, ending the war in Iraq, AIDS, Immigration reform, civil liberties, and conflict resolution. Basically, we should work even harder because we have proven that anything is possible.
Doug W, Black Eagle, MT
What does Obama's victory mean to you? I spent five of the best hours of my life canvassing from door to door finding undecided folks in my neighborhood were for Obama by a 25 to 1 margin. The next weekend I donated my sound system and full days time to an Obama Round Dance Rally with many First Americans last Saturday, many of which whose tribes have still not been recognized by our government, or whose treaties have been broken time and time again. Their excitement at this moment in history was deep and inspiring. Here's a photo of folks round dancing outside a drum circle at the Family Living Center in Great Falls' Montana Expo Park fairgrounds November 1st,2008 featuring the back of a Rocky Boy Chippewa Cree Obama t shirt worn by one of the celebrants. Give thanks!
What should we do next? Make a living wage mandatory so all can make a living and build our economy on the trickle up theory!
N M, Portland, OR
What does Obama's victory mean to you? My husband and I joined the 70,000 people who showed up at the May rally in Portland Oregon. we have been telling people ever since that "This is the guy" with the charisma and presence to make it happen...And it did! We were crying and watching the results all night long! M and N McGuire Portland, Oregon
What should we do next? make him keep his word and rebuild our relationships with the rest of the world.
Patricia V, Miami, FL
What does Obama's victory mean to you? This victory means that anything is possible. I volunteered on this campaign I never been into politics before and I never campaigned for anything or anyone. I am so excited. As an african american female I am so happy I had the oppurtunity to let my voice be heard by electing the first African American President. Thank you all for voting and thank move on for allowing me to participate in making history.
What should we do next? Make sure that Obama does what he says. Don't let us down. We all must do our parts though
Elizabeth B, Belchertown, MA
What does Obama's victory mean to you? Obama's victory restores my faith in my country and my hope for a better future. Even though I admire the man and hadn't thought much about race, I found myself thinking about Martin Luther King, Jr. last night and all of the struggles of the civil rights movement. It was a very emotional moment.
What should we do next? Stay involved and keep our eye on the ball. We have much work to do - together.
Doug B, Belleville, IL
What does Obama's victory mean to you? President-Elect Obama's victory, to me means that we are finally moving in a direction that I thought was never reachable. It means that children, like my 9 month old great-nephew will one day live in a world where color will be just what it is, a color and not someone's status. His vistory means that we will always be proud to be American's, whether we are gay or straight, Catholic or Jew. WE ARE AMERICAN! God Bless President-Elect Obama and Vice President-Elect Biden!
What should we do next? Do not stop doing what you have been doing! it is too important to continue on the same path for all of us AMERICANS!