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amy s, Lutz, FL
What does Obama's victory mean to you? It means my children will know that they indeed can be anything they want. It has restored my faith.
What should we do next? Keep letting our voices be heard.
Vivien P, Melville, NY
What does Obama's victory mean to you? The world will see a new face and know that America is no longer the racist country it once was. He brings us hope for change after the 8 long years of the Bush administration.
What should we do next? keep informed
Gary G, Granite City, IL
What does Obama's victory mean to you? I am a 58 year old white guy recently retired from a steel mill in a town that, until about 5 years ago was almost all White. I am so proud that my fellow Americans turned out in record setting numbers to elect the first President with an African-American heritage. MoveOn America!!!
What should we do next? End both illegal wars and bring our troops home - YESTERDAY!!
Natalie M, Maplewood, NJ
What does Obama's victory mean to you? I feel proud of our country in a way I never knew was possible. Walking in NYC yesterday, was incredible. Everyone was open and hopeful, and truly AMAZED. A dream has been restored. We are ready for the work that lies ahead.
What should we do next? Get to work! Bring home the troops, end the war, provide healthcare to anyone and everyone who needs it, fix our economy and clean up our planet... YES WE CAN!
Lina R, seattle, WA
What does Obama's victory mean to you? pride in my standing as an american. both my dogs are also proud to live in america too.
What should we do next? accountability- for the next administration and for each other to remain engaged and active
Cassandra J, Oak View, CA
What does Obama's victory mean to you? My pride in America is restored!!
What should we do next? Help them overturn Prop 8 in CA.
Doug W, Black Eagle, MT
What does Obama's victory mean to you? I spent five of the best hours of my life canvassing from door to door finding undecided folks in my neighborhood were for Obama by a 25 to 1 margin. The next weekend I donated my sound system and full days time to an Obama Round Dance Rally with many First Americans last Saturday, many of which whose tribes have still not been recognized by our government, or whose treaties have been broken time and time again. Their excitement at this moment in history was deep and inspiring. Here's a photo of folks round dancing outside a drum circle at the Family Living Center in Great Falls' Montana Expo Park fairgrounds November 1st,2008 featuring the back of a Rocky Boy Chippewa Cree Obama t shirt worn by one of the celebrants. Give thanks!
What should we do next? Make a living wage mandatory so all can make a living and build our economy on the trickle up theory!
Kirsten K, Richardson, TX
What does Obama's victory mean to you? To me it means that people have awakened to the fact that the US was not founded as a theocracy and they have chosen a smart, logical leader who will use diplomacy and intellect to address the country's problems, not trickery and stubbornness.
What should we do next? Focus on viable healthcare and insurance industry reforms.
Sheila B, San Jose, CA
What does Obama's victory mean to you? THE POWER OF 'THE VOTE' IS BEYOND AWESOME!! My faith has been restored.
What should we do next? Assemble an awesome cabinet; regardless of party affiliation.
Luisa P, West Roxbury, MA
What does Obama's victory mean to you? Significa el gran triunfo de los que tenemos la esperanza de un nuevo Amanecer!
What should we do next? Continuar dandole el apoyo ya que un Pais no se lleva a cuesta por un solo Hombre.
Gerry B, Alpharetta, GA
What does Obama's victory mean to you? This morning, I took out and held my copy of Strength to Love by Dr. King. It was a copy that had actually belonged to him, and has notes in the margins penned in his own hand, and some folded sheets of Ebenezer Baptist Church stationery with his handwritten sermon on them. It was given to me by Hosea Williams in 1968, when I was working as a volunteer for SCLC down on Auburn Ave. As I held it, I cried at the overwhelming importance of what occurred last night. I thanked God for the grace given to this nation to respond to the challenge and the opportunity we were given in this election. I remembered many things: April, 1968, at 3:00 am, outside Sisters Chapel at Spellman College on the AU Campus, where Dr. King was lying in State, I was standing in a long line of mourners all waiting respectfully in the chill night air, speaking in hushed tones, or not at all, to view his body and pay our respects No one was impatient, and when we each had our turn to stand before his casket, no one felt pressed to hurry past. I remember taking a few moments in reflection and prayer there, with tears streaming down my face, feeling an intense commitment in my heart to continue what he had given his life trying to accomplish. I was 20 years old at the time, just opening the wrapping on the gift that was to be my life. Now, at 61, I am still unwrapping that gift. Last night was so major for me. There have been so few elections in my life in which I have actually voted for the winner! I have often felt so isolated, out of step with those around me, but yet so sure that the path I was on was the only one that I could walk with conscience. In 2006, I was encouraged by the election results. Last night, I was overwhelmed with joy and hope, gratitude and belief in humanity. I'd like to bottle those feelings and be able to take a swig every now and then just to refresh my soul. I have felt almost euphoric all day, in a very spiritual way. I have a strong belief that this man with the unusual name is living his destiny, and affecting ours in a most profound way, for the good of all. I appreciate all of you, and the ones coming behind you, for living the dream we dreamed, for coming from love and not fear, and for being a part of the new majority in this country. Hip Hip Hooray!!!!!! Gerry Burge
What should we do next? Form task groups to offer assistance on various areas of the agenda.
Steve K, Niskayuna, NY
What does Obama's victory mean to you? Inspiration and hope for the future for me, my wife, and my son Aaron, who is pictured.
What should we do next? Figure out how to engage the US population at large to conserve energy, not just with avoidance of pain, but with something great, fun and concrete that they can get out of it.
Alison S, Portland, OR
What does Obama's victory mean to you? Obama's victory means hope for my twin boys' future!
What should we do next? Resolve our economic crisis & bring our troops home! Let's get back to being Americans!
Sarah M, Spring Hill, FL
What does Obama's victory mean to you? What can I say besides, What sweet Victory. This election has restored my faith in the American people. We banded together and brought the first African American man into office. We are all part of an important time in history, and it feels great!
What should we do next? We need to focus on fixing this broken nation. Now that we have a fresh minded President that is focused on change, let's all work together and get it done.
Pamela B, Las cruces, NM
What does Obama's victory mean to you? Victory means hope. Obama has a wide world-view. He will do his best. I have hope for the country, hope for the 'system', hope for the world. I know he won't be able to do everything he wants (there is Congress), but he will TRY.
What should we do next? We should be ready for a reality check. I believe in Barak Obama, but he is human. He will do his best, but he can't do everyting. WE have to help.