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Allison L, Seattle, WA
What does Obama's victory mean to you? It means more than words are able to express. For the first time as an adult do I have hope for and pride in America and our place in this world. I will be honored to work hard to create a better country, world and future behind President-Elect Obama and the amazing fellow Americans I have met over the course of this campaign.
What should we do next? Take a day of rest to let this all soak in and then worker even harder to do all we hope to accomplish behind President-Elect Obama!
Peter S, Cedarville, OH
What does Obama's victory mean to you? Hi From the hills of Pa. We worked hard to get out the vote. We have a chance to rebuild or country and the world. Hope he can stay connected to the process!
What should we do next? Let's stay connected and support our communities!
Jill L, Castaic, CA
What does Obama's victory mean to you? I have three sons aged 1, 2 & 3 (I am not kidding). To think they will grow up seeing Barack Obama leading this country and to send that message directly into their little brains has had me in tears all day...
What should we do next? Close Guantanamo!
Gina W, Arroyo Grande, CA
What does Obama's victory mean to you? Rosa SAT so Martin could WALK; Martin WALKED so Obama could RUN; Obama RAN (and won!) so our children could FLY!
What should we do next? LISTEN CLOSELY for the next steps, and follow our leader to take our country back, and give more to the world!! THINK ABOUT OTHERS...Be ready for the steep climb ahead...get in shape for more community organizing. Don't relax too long!
Martha M, Fort Wayne, IN
What does Obama's victory mean to you? I had the pleasure of housing (gratis) Obama staff and volunteers. They were wonderful -- both so committed and funny, too. I will miss them. I could not call or walk up and down steps, but I could take care of those hardworking young folks. And, that is what I did
What should we do next? Keep the group together to help him succeed. This experience has not only united the country, but it has united this unique and talented dedicated group for the rest of their lives.
Crista B, Decatur, IN
What does Obama's victory mean to you? Obama's victory means an end to the fear I've had for my son's future that I've been living with every single day since his birth in March of 2003. Here is a photo of us at a Rally in Indianapolis.
What should we do next? I think we should all be focusing our efforts on trying to win over those non-Obama voters to get them on our team and involved in the process of change that's to come. Together we've achieved great things already- imagine if we could somehow get them on board too!
Michelle K, Oceanside, CA
What does Obama's victory mean to you? I'm very proud of America..beyond words.
What should we do next? Go to his Inauguration!!!
Joann D, Odessa, FL
What does Obama's victory mean to you? We worked the phones in Pasco county, Florida, waved the signs, talked to our friends and neighbors - so even though Pasco county voted for McCain, Florida went to our choice - the best choice for change - President-Elect Barack Obama!!! YEAH
What should we do next? Put together the best cabinet possible to further the goals of change! We're rooting for you, and counting on you, President-elect Obama!!!
Patty C, Seattle, WA
What does Obama's victory mean to you? In August, 1968 I turned 14. The country was in turmoil and immersed in a dismal war. Our hopeful leaders had been gunned down, but Bobby Kennedy was making a strong run to bring hope back to Washington. Then, he was dead and with him the last shred of real hope for sanity and possibility. I have not felt the collective power of this nation until this fall. Let us use that mighty power to build homes full of hope and tear down the walls that divide us.
What should we do next? Get to work, there is something we each can do, right near home. It isn't always obvious, but our communities need us and we are the ones that will make the difference.
Jan G, Simi Valley, CA
What does Obama's victory mean to you? Hope, pride, and a deep sense of a new day for the world and future generations.
What should we do next? Now, at last, is our opportunity to take Ghandi's advice and "be the change we want to see in the world".
Mitchell Z, Palo Alto, CA
What does Obama's victory mean to you? The Bush era is over -- we no longer have to open the paper every day with dread that our government is trying to make things worse -- and something I never dreamt would happen in my lifetime, an African American elected President, has happened. As a former southern civil rights worker, I was thrilled to help the campaign as a legal observer in Youngstown, Ohio, in a largely black district with sensational turnout. To think it's finally come!
What should we do next? Press Pres. Obama not to back burner universal health care -- if the Democrats don't drop the ball on workable universal health care, we will be the majority party for a generation.
Eve F, Morgantown, WV
What does Obama's victory mean to you? Despite being a complete introvert, I was rousted out of my comfort zone to go canvas for Obama in my neighboring state of PA in low and high income neighborhoods. It was something much bigger than myself and very gratifying. I have never felt so much a part of America and so proud of her. My WVU students and I shared a slice of this American pie (see photo) in celebration Nov 5.
What should we do next? Work hard on the service message to all help Obama in finding our better angels. Don't gloat, get to work!
Kimberly B, Fishers, IN
What does Obama's victory mean to you? Everytime I think about the fact that Barack Obama is going to be our president it brings a tear to my eye! This election shook the USA out of its apathetic state and inspired people to vote at records levels - some experts saying the highest turnout in a century. It elected the first ever African American as president shattering racial barriers. It has brought unexpected groups of people together with the hope that we can turn this amazing country around. I turn 30 within two weeks of President-Elect Obama's inauguration and I cannot think of a better way to start the next decade of my life. I am truly proud to be an American and to say that I whole heartedly support Obama!
What should we do next? Keep the spirit and excitement alive!
Nanette M, Boise, ID
What does Obama's victory mean to you? My 80 year old grandmother registered to vote for the first time ever & several of my "republican" friends voted for Obama. For the first time since 2000, i am PROUD to be an American!!
What should we do next? Start bringing our troops home to their families.
Felicia G, oakland, CA
What does Obama's victory mean to you? Liberation from old ways of thinking!!! A powerful collective consiousness...a dream realized...that YES we can!!
What should we do next? get some sleep,mediatate and let it come to you...