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Here's what MoveOn members around the country are saying

Robin S, Elkhart, IN
What does Obama's victory mean to you? Barack Obama's victory represents what can happen when ordinary people stand together. Power to the people and to democracy... it works! And on a more personal note, its so nice to be an American. I continue to dedicate all my efforts to my son - a soldier in Iraq, not there by choice, a husband, a father... my son... may God keep him safe and bring him safely home to his family, in Indiana... where he BELONGS!!! I am so proud of him.
What should we do next? End the war, PLEASE!
Mechon J, Sherwood, AR
What does Obama's victory mean to you? This means that when I tell my daughter & son they can do anything, they can see it & KNOW that what I say is true!
What should we do next? Keep doing what you did, obviously, it has been the right thing!
Alice P, Montgomery, AL
What does Obama's victory mean to you? Obama's victory means that small efforts can matter.
What should we do next? Use the organization and momentum we've built to further the public service Obama is calling for.
Lucy P, Centralia, WA
What does Obama's victory mean to you? I feel a great sense of pride in my country and a relief I can't describe. I believe this means a brighter future for all of us, but especially my children. Nothing means more to me.
What should we do next? Unite our country and heal the wounds we have created around the world. I'd also love to see health care become affordable for all of us as soon as possible!
Margaret S, Oakland, CA
What does Obama's victory mean to you? This victory is sweet! I put in MANY hours and I would do it again and again. What great people I have met, what great people we American's can be. This victory means that the world is our oyster-my boys can grow to be anything they wish to be, and help to create the world they want to live in.
What should we do next? We need to be ready to serve our country. We need to keep the volunteers energized and ready.
Vivian J, North Little Rock, AR
What does Obama's victory mean to you? I'm so elated. I am 59 years old and I lived to see so many thing and I thought that I would never in my lifetime live to see a Black Man become President. The Greater Of Two Evils Have come to pass and the Victory Is Gods. Because I feel that god chose the Right Person , The Right Time and The Right Place for this to come to pass. I think that Barack Obama was Pre-Ordained just for this Presidency. God gave Martin the Vision and Obama the Privilege and the Means. What God Have For You It Is For You' I Thank God For Every One That Voted For Barack Obama. May He Live Long And Prosper Much. God Bless America.
What should we do next? Pray for Unity and for The common Good for our Country, and learn to love one another for who we are as a people.
mariana r, Miami, FL
What does Obama's victory mean to you? Its a new day. Obama stands for HOPE, unity, and love...all that changes this nation and humankind.
What should we do next? Be patient, keep the optimism, look out for each other and our new President,
Catey M, Olympia, WA
What does Obama's victory mean to you? Last night I lay awake in bed unable to sleep pumped with adrenaline. I suddenly became flabbergasted that for eight years I have been filled with anger, fear, cynicism, hopelessness, and shame. So much energy has been spent trying to fight against what has been happening in our country. I have been bitter and utterly depressed. And now. And now. Imagine where our energy can go! The impact of this monumental decision and the work all of us have done to bring this to be make me proud, perhaps for the first time, to be a citizen of the United States of America and hopeful for my daughter and her generation. Thank you! Thank you!
What should we do next? First we should all breathe and celebrate.
Farrah B, Richardson, TX
What does Obama's victory mean to you? It means the first of many firsts to come!! His accomplishment will open doors of opportunities to all of us with dreams and the hope of something better. I've never witnessed America more unified in the belief of a leader than I did last night. It was amazing!!
What should we do next? Support him!! Educate ourselves and stay involved in our nation problems and be ready to do our part. That means taking responsibility for some things in our own lives and helping those around us. Obama will do alot for us but he can't do it alone.
Joellyn K, Warnerville, NY
What does Obama's victory mean to you? Ah, this old '60s radical feels like I haven't in 40 years. And this time it's not "burn baby burn" or "don't trust anyone..." -- but instead it's "yes we can. Yes we did. AND YES WE WILL!" Because I think -- I *know* -- that the national coalition of the hopeful that we built over the past 21 months will not fade with the end of the election. We are aware of what we can do together now. We have had a taste of success. And we have reached out to neighbors and friends, strangers and folks we may never neet except here, and said "we're all part of the Hope family now."
What should we do next? MoveOn, you're so good at organizing. Let's not wait for President Obama to make suggestions and set up organizations -- let's start doing community work NOW. Not just calls and signs and protest, but projects that materially affect all those who have been disenfranchised for so long. MoveOn food drives...MoveOn clean-up-the-neighborhood...whatever it takes. Thank you for not giving up on the country!
Lina R, seattle, WA
What does Obama's victory mean to you? pride in my standing as an american. both my dogs are also proud to live in america too.
What should we do next? accountability- for the next administration and for each other to remain engaged and active
Lisa B, Mount Vernon, WA
What does Obama's victory mean to you? This is an incredible victory for our nation. It has restored "Faith in our system". That we the people can collectively pull together in all the tough times we are having and will be having as our nation grows together. This has united so many people around the world because President Obama is concerned with the world at large and everyone matters. He is calling on all of us to pull it together an stand up and be "One Nation Under God". He is our answer to so many prayers. God Bless each and every one. Great and Small We are all Important! Lisa Anna Bull
What should we do next? Keep working together to unite our nation to try harder. To make a difference we must help each other to do whats right. God Bless
Michelle K, Oceanside, CA
What does Obama's victory mean to you? I'm very proud of America..beyond words.
What should we do next? Go to his Inauguration!!!
Kyla w, Fairbanks, AK
What does Obama's victory mean to you? This is incredible. This is the first time that I've been proud to say I am an American. So many Alaskans worked so hard for Obama's campaign it was truly inspiring to see so many people come together. Obama has the ability to bring people from all walks of life and different backgrounds come together for a common cause. That is exactly what this country needs so desperately right now.
What should we do next? We need to bring troops home from Iraq and get the economy back on track.
joseph l, roslindale, MA
What does Obama's victory mean to you? It means that all 3 of my sons can aspire to be president (if they're crazy enough)
What should we do next? keep the presure on to end the war in Iraq