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Here's what MoveOn members around the country are saying

Amy T, Austin, TX
What does Obama's victory mean to you? The hope and the joy are made real this day. YES WE DID!!!
What should we do next? Unite! We rallied around Obama to vote him in, now let's come together to bring in everyone as part of the team!
Elizabeth M, Martinsville, VA
What does Obama's victory mean to you? I am so impressed with how Sen. Obama's campaign inspired the young people in our country. I hope they continue speaking their minds and voting their passions.
What should we do next? Help him implement his promises.
Brandon T, Wasilla, AK
What does Obama's victory mean to you? It means maybe our kids will inherit a legacy of hope and compassion, instead of fear and aggression.
What should we do next? Help fight global (including domestic) poverty.
Jennifer F, Sewell, NJ
What does Obama's victory mean to you? I feel like I just woke up from a long coma and I can't wait to resume my love affair with this country.
What should we do next? Let's bring our soldiers home.
Danielle B, Brooklyn, NY
What does Obama's victory mean to you? It means that each American has a chance to change this world! It means that true unity is possible! It means that we all count...our voices matter..
What should we do next? Encourage each of us to get in all aspects of our government...starting at the local level. Learn who represents you!!
Andreana A, Vancouver, WA
What does Obama's victory mean to you? From the beginning of my knowledge of Barack Obama I felt hope. Hope for a better America, hope for my children, hope for peace in the world. For the first time, I had signs in my yard and bumper stickers on my car. I wore 'mens type' T-shirts and didn't care lol! I am so thankful Barack Obama is my president.
What should we do next? Be nice to one another. Be patient with one another. Smile. Laugh. Help the elderly. Teach the children. Hug. Touch. VOLUNTEER in your communities. Relish the thought of our future.
jacqueline m, everett, WA
What does Obama's victory mean to you? Grass roots change really can work, a great lesson, for young, and young at heart! Three generations in my family voted for hope& change... Yes we did!!!
What should we do next? Support Obama and one another. Keep the hope & good will alive!
Patty C, Seattle, WA
What does Obama's victory mean to you? In August, 1968 I turned 14. The country was in turmoil and immersed in a dismal war. Our hopeful leaders had been gunned down, but Bobby Kennedy was making a strong run to bring hope back to Washington. Then, he was dead and with him the last shred of real hope for sanity and possibility. I have not felt the collective power of this nation until this fall. Let us use that mighty power to build homes full of hope and tear down the walls that divide us.
What should we do next? Get to work, there is something we each can do, right near home. It isn't always obvious, but our communities need us and we are the ones that will make the difference.
Nancy P, Montclair, NJ
What does Obama's victory mean to you? HAving gone to PA to make phone calls, I feel like I really was part of it all. But more importantly, I feel the need to KEEP on working to help President Obama to achieve his goals. I need to begin the healing with friends who saw things differently. I need to work to conserve energy to make energy policy goals easier to achieve. I need to help my neighbors and colleagues, as I helped Obama, by doing little things for them. My job as an American does not end with the historic and hope-enhancing election. Like Obama's, my work is just beginning.
What should we do next? Conserve energy, heal rifts with family and friends, use whatever economic means you have personally to enhance the economy.
Paul D, Dallas, TX
What does Obama's victory mean to you? I have never been so proud to be an American in my life. President Obama will help this nation heal. Love and hope will mean so much more than the petty materialistic concern aboout taxes. I will gladly pay more taxes for justice in our nation and peace in the world. Poverty is a civil rights abuse. Good luck President Obama. One.
What should we do next? Care for the poor. Tax Wall Street abusers. Bring home the troops. Grow peace, justice and love here in the US and export peace and love to the world.
Jessica L, Pharr, TX
What does Obama's victory mean to you? President Obama's victory gives me a sense of pride and hope and makes me proud to be an American. My daughter is African American and I am so proud of her being able to witness history.
What should we do next? Continue to support President Obama.
K V, San Diego, CA
What does Obama's victory mean to you? It means that the paradigm has CHANGED!!! We made a difference, we decided our future, our voices were heard and OUR VOTES COUNTED. I'm so proud in so many levels: as an American - our country will be represented by an intelligent, charismatic, eloquent, profoundly exceptional leader. As an activist - our country has made a huge stride AWAY from the legacy of racism. As a mother - my children (2 & 4) will grow up knowing that their first president had their skin color and it did not stop him from becoming a world leader. As a believer - a powerful positive force has been released, energized and united . I AM SO PROUD AND THANKFUL!!!
What should we do next? We need to keep being involved in the process. As President Obama said it, the victory is ours.
Suzi M, Beaumont, TX
What does Obama's victory mean to you? HALLELUJAH!!!! God does answer prayers! I am so incredibly happy, moved to tears of joy!
What should we do next? Pray protection daily over him, his family and administration from the sources that would do and bring harm in Jesus name!!!
Tracy B, Watsontown, PA
What does Obama's victory mean to you? I was so honored and excited to work on the Campaign to elect Barack Obama for President - I have never in my life been so passionate about anything or anyone (other then my family) this is a proud day for me and a proud day for all americans - YES WE DID !!! Like our 44th President says - Not a black america or white america or demacrat or republican or gay or straight or rich or poor.... WE ARE THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA!
What should we do next? Stand behind our new President & make the changes we need from the bottom up - one person at a time.
Catherine F, Tacoma, WA
What does Obama's victory mean to you? I got my kids involved with two bake sales and get out the vote rallys. We helped bring in over $1000 for the campaign. It was exciting to be able to share this piece of history with my children.
What should we do next? As Americans we fought hard to take back our government, now we need to stay involved by contacting our legislators and making our voices heard.