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Write in to Encourage Elizabeth Warren to Run!

The Run Warren Run campaign is picking up steam. Last Sunday, The Boston Globe editorial board called on Senator Warren to run. We can convince more papers to support this effort by showing a wave of popular opinion in favor of Senator Warren running.

The process is simple -- just follow the three steps below. See the tips on the bottom right of the page for ideas (click on the "Writing Tips" tab). Please report any problems you have here.

Step 1: Select a newspaper

Local PapersCirculation  # Sent
Austin American-Statesman 245,000 0
Taylor Daily Press 6,000 0
Regional PapersCirculation  # Sent
San Antonio Express-News 320,000 0
Waco Tribune-Herald 55,000 0
The Eagle 28,000 0
Temple Daily Telegram 26,000 0
National PapersCirculation  # Sent
USA Today 2,300,000 25
Wall Street Journal 2,091,000 13
New York Times 1,400,000 25
The Washington Post 822,000 12
Financial Times 300,000 4
Step 3: Enter Your Address & Send

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Step 2: Write your letter

Use the talking points below the composition window for ideas.


Talking Points
  • A competitive primary is good for our democracy and strengthens the eventual winner.

  • Elizabeth Warren is the right candidate for our time. She's a proven champion on the issues that matter most in this election — standing up to powerful, moneyed interests and giving everyone in this economy a fair chance.

  • Elizabeth Warren can win. Her message is strong and she has support.

  • Elizabeth Warren is a great senator, and she can run for president while still doing great work in the Senate.

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