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Write in to oppose another war in Iraq

Given your background, you bring unique insights to the public debate on matters of war and peace—including the possibility of further U.S. military escalation in Iraq. That's why it's so important for MoveOn members like to you to weigh in with local newspapers to oppose another Iraq war.

The process is simple -- just follow the three steps below. See the tips on the bottom right of the page for ideas (click on the "Writing Tips" tab). Please report any problems you have here.

Step 1: Select a newspaper

Local PapersCirculation  # Sent
Austin American-Statesman 245,000 0
Taylor Daily Press 6,000 0
Regional PapersCirculation  # Sent
San Antonio Express-News 320,000 0
Waco Tribune-Herald 55,000 0
The Eagle 28,000 0
Temple Daily Telegram 26,000 0
National PapersCirculation  # Sent
USA Today 2,300,000 5
Wall Street Journal 2,091,000 5
New York Times 1,400,000 8
The Washington Post 822,000 1
Financial Times 300,000 1
Step 3: Enter Your Address & Send

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Step 2: Write your letter

Use the talking points below the composition window for ideas.


Talking Points
  • As [a veteran/a military servicemember/someone in a military family], I understand all too well the costs of war.

  • That's why I'm joining other veterans, military leaders, their families, and a groundswell of everyday Americans from all walks of life to strongly oppose U.S. military intervention in Iraq.

  • After a decade of war, enough is enough. We've already paid a huge price in American lives and treasure. It is time to stop paying.

  • More than 800 American military personnel have already been deployed to Iraq. Especially with violence raging in the Middle East and around the world, we can't risk further U.S. military entanglement in Iraq that will only add gasoline to the fire.

  • There is no military solution to the chaos in Iraq. American bombings will make the deep and complex challenges facing Iraq worse, not better.

  • The president was right to end the Iraq war, and it would be a tremendous mistake to start another one.

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