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Join the National Leave No Voter Behind Launch Party and Briefing

On Wednesday, September 29th, MoveOn members across the country will gather to kick off our Leave No Voter Behind field program. All you need is a computer with high-speed internet access and speakers or a phone to join. We’ll explain how the program works in detail, hear from organizers and MoveOn members who are doing the work in the field, take questions from all of you, and tell you how you can make the biggest impact in the upcoming election. And after the briefing, we’ll spend an hour hitting the phones, recruiting volunteers in key neighborhoods to help run the program.

leave no voter behind!
We’ll do two rounds – one at 8pm ET and the other at 7pm PT. Can you make it? Just fill out the form below. We’ll be in touch with details about how to join the party and briefing.


Which party and briefing will you be able to attend:

8pm Eastern Time, Wednesday night
7pm Pacific Time, Wednesday night

Will you be joining by phone or high-speed internet (the Internet version is way more fun, and allows you to submit questions)

Not sure

Any questions you’d like us to answer at the briefing?

How many people will be attending with you, if any?

Will you be able to join the online phone bank immediately after the call? 
We’ll provide you with phone numbers, what to say, and how to easily record your results.

Yes, definitely.
Probably not.