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Research on Harriet Miers

We’re looking for facts about Miers’ views and history.

For each discrete fact you find, please submit this form.  That’ll help us track all the pieces of information separately, and lift the most important ones to the top.

Here are some questions to guide your search:

  • What policies did she advocate for on the Dallas City Council?
  • What was her record at the head of the scandal-ridden Texas Lottery Commission?
  • What cases did she take on while working as a corporate lawyer in private practice, and what positions did she fight for?
  • What has she written or said in and outside of her law practice about her views on constitutional issues like privacy, the “commerce clause” or equal protection?
  • White House Council Alberto Gonzales played a pivotal role in softening Americas stance on torture. What positions has Harriet Miers advocated for in the same role?
  • Has she ever publicly distanced herself from George W. Bush?
  • What are her views on environmental protections, corporate crime, and the right to choose?
  • What else should the public know about Harriet Miers?

We have a team of volunteer reviewers ready to read through your responses and verify them.

Thanks for helping us research President Bush's Supreme Court nominee. Please use the form below to submit one fact about the nominee. If you have more than one fact, please submit each one separately (you'll have a chance after you hit 'submit' to input others).

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Research on Harriet Miers

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