MoveOn Member Nominations for Jim Stork for U.S. Congress (FL-22)

We received many nominations from MoveOn members about each of the endorsed candidates. Thank you for your nominations! Here is just a small selection of the nominations we received.

“I am supporting Jim Stork for Congress because I know him to be a hands-on, effective leader who is an excellent listener, and the right choice for change in District 22! I believe other MoveOn members will find him to be genuine, sincere and a true believer in the importance of real grassroots campaigning!”
– Amy, Davie, FL

“Jim Stork was a great mayor of Wilton Manors and has the right mix of progressive, humane politics and pragmatic accomplishment that made him get things done there. He is a strong advocate of equal rights for all people; supports strict gun laws; opposes Bush's war in Iraq; champions universal health care; and above all, will work in Congress to turn back the slide toward unaccountable fascism that is increasingly coming to represent the Republican Party under the Bush administration. His opponent, the reactionary Clay Shaw, has done nothing of substance in Congress but rubber stamp extreme right-wing legislation; and is vulnerable. Four years ago he squeaked out a narrow victory over Elaine Bloom. Jim would make a tremendous difference in all the right ways!!”
– Ben, Boynton Beach, FL

“Southeast Florida is a primarily Democratic district that has had a Republican Congressman for way too long. Clay Shaw has won re-election without serious opposition and Jim's campaign is ready to take him on. I also believe if we can get Democrats in Florida excited about their House races along with the fact that Bob Graham's seat also needs to remain with us – we can get more Democrats to polls to help John Kerry carry this important state!!!”
– Susan, Lighthouse Point, FL

“This "rainbow" candidate will be attacked personally, sooner or later, by the religious right. That itself would be enough to win my support. However, he is running against a right-wing incumbent in a largely Democratic district. He would simply be a better representative of his constituency. As a former resident of that district, I wish I could vote for him myself!”
– Carrol, Wichita, KS

“Jim Stork is a self-made business man who epitomizes the American dream. He supports the development of small business and, at the same time encourages community involvement in decision-making. Among other things, he supports universal health insurance, a more equitable tax system, equal rights for all our citizens and working cooperatively with other nations to bring about a true world peace and economic justice.”
– Stephen, Fort Lauderdale, FL

“Jim Stork is a man who is well-respected and is interested in restoring rights for all of us – rights that are being removed by the Patriot Act and rights that are being denied to people due to sexual orientation. He is a man of honor and that is much needed in the US."
– Gloria, Miami, FL

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