MoveOn Member Nominations for Richard Romero for U.S. Congress (NM-1)

We received many nominations from MoveOn members about each of the endorsed candidates. Thank you for your nominations! Here is just a small selection of the nominations we received.

“For 27 years he worked as an educator in New Mexico. He has for years fought to protect the environment, is a fervent supporter of women's rights and believes healthcare and quality education to be top priorities. He has called for an investigation into the Iraq prison scandal and has called for Rumsfeld to step down. He is running to unseat Republican incumbent Heather Wilson who never met a Bush proposal she didn't love. … New Mexico is one western state that is not controlled by the Republican Party. Please help us keep it that way!”
– Tom, Pacitas, NM

“Since Mr. Romero became President Pro Tem of the NM Senate, he has been a breath of fresh air. In a state where old boy politics had corrupted the Democratic Party, he brought a forward-looking, reasonable style to negotiation among the members of the Senate and helped get our state moving again. He is intelligent, caring, and an excellent leader, and seems devoid of the negativity that is wearing on us all these days. He was extremely supportive of a statewide initiative to set up opt-in funding for arts and culture.”
– Susan, Albuquerque, NM

“Richard Romero has served with distinction and effectiveness as president pro tem of the NM state senate and has a strong history of supporting education, health care and the peaceful uses of our national resources. Two years ago he ran an effective campaign and won a majority of the votes cast on Election Day. Forces of the incumbent were able to garner a majority of the votes cast by absentee ballot and early voting to overcome that majority. We have a strong opportunity to get our vote out and effect a positive outcome this time.”
– Albert, Albuquerque, NM

“While in the State Senate he took on the old powers and started a reform movement. He was successful and became a symbol of progressive politics for the state. … His warm personality, brilliance and knowledge of the First District are exceeded only by his commitment to progressive politics.”
– Kathryn, Santa Fe, NM

“He is opposing Heather Wilson, a person who has consistently rubber-stamped Bush policies toward Iraq, and was a strong supporter of the horrible Medicare fix. Mr. Romero is not one to support exorbitant tax cuts for the wealthiest and then turn around and place the burden of funding our government on the shoulders of those least capable of paying the burden.”
– Ann, Albuquerque, NM

“I traveled from out of state, gave up a well paying job and totally relocated myself to work for a non-profit issue campaign in a swing state. The work was important to me but there was little gratitude for the long hours and hard work. On primary night as we all celebrated Richard's victory he made it a point to look me in the eye and tell me how thankful he was that young people were out in force fighting the good fight. He promised to work just as hard if he got to Washington, and I have never heard anything as sincere. He took our issue seriously and was genuinely grateful for our support. After that I didn't complain about 12 hour days or endless phone calls – I knew how crucial my job was to get Richard and other progressives into office. Richard renewed my passion for politics – and the good fight seems more important that ever.”
– A.R., New Mexico

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