MoveOn Member Nominations for Jon Jennings for U.S. Congress (IN-8)

We received many nominations from MoveOn members about each of the endorsed candidates. Thank you for your nominations! Here is just a small selection of the nominations we received.

“Jon Jennings is a bona fide Democrat who opposes the antics of the Bush administration and its minions. Jennings has shown an ability to organize and fundraise and has a real chance to take this seat for the Democrats.”
– Vicki, Terre Haute, IN

“I have seen first hand Jon’s work ethic, his commitment to causes he believes in, and his deep passion for extending opportunities to America’s next generation. … I am confident my friend, Jon Jennings, will be victorious in this campaign for the ‘Bloody 8th’, just as he has been in everything else.”
– Alan, Boston, MA

“...From gun toting at Louisville's International Airport to attempting and sponsoring anti-gay legislation that promotes discrimination and attempts to make it law, John Hostettler needs to be defeated. He has won his last few campaigns by only a narrow margin, and the people of this area are ready for a change. This is a winnable seat, and only the beginning in the restoration of democracy in America!”
– Brian, Evansville, IN

“Mr. Jennings has returned to his roots in Indiana to represent the values that Hoosiers hold dear. He is a leader and a visionary. Mr. Jennings understands the plight of average Americans, and he is committed to improving the lives of Hoosiers and all Americans.”
– Scott, Chicago, IL

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