MoveOn Member Nominations for Kalyn Free for U.S. Congress (OK-2)

We received many nominations from MoveOn members about each of the endorsed candidates. Thank you for your nominations! Here is just a small selection of the nominations we received.

“I have seen Kalyn speak at many events in the district and all I have to say is, "WOW".  This is one powerful woman.  She was the youngest attorney to work for the U.S. Department of Justice where she defended this great green Earth from nasty corporations who pollute our air, land, and water.  I admire her conserving and protecting our environment and that's why I am voting for Kalyn Free.”
– Kathi, Oklahoma

“It is time to elect Democrats who will stand up to the attempt to create a one-party government.  Republicans control both the legislative and the executive branches and it is time to put Democrats with backbone into the legislative branch to stand up and fight for Democrat ideals.”
– Jeffrey, Citrus Heights, CA

“Kalyn Free, mother of 3 young girls, would be the first Native American Indian woman elected to the US Congress. Her background is most impressive but she has never forgotten her working class roots. She has broad support by over 25 labor unions as well as by various environmental groups (including The Sierra Club), Women's groups (including Emily's List and the NWPC) and 106 Native American Indian tribes.  Ms Free is likely to benefit from a registration drive by the Cherokee Nation designed to add 10,000 names to voter rolls by Election Day. Free, a Choctaw, has widespread support among Cherokees. She has a unique progressive background, is a tough and hardworking candidate and a solid platform of progressive stands on issues (see her web site). MoveOn members must support her along with 21st Century Democrats, Progressive Majority, Dean's Dozen (Democracy for America) and grass-root progressives (like my husband and me) who have already endorsed her and are providing financial as well as other campaign aid. She is one terrific woman and deserves our support.”  
– Julian & Mildred, San Diego, CA

“She would be the first member of the Choctaw Nation to be represented in Congress, and she has proven herself to a protector of those who can't protect themselves, namely as a federal prosecutor and a district attorney.  She's the real deal.”
– Sean, Oklahoma

“I'm supporting Kalyn Free because she has a proven track record of standing up for women's and children's rights, and for taking a hard line on big corporations that pollute our precious natural environment. I plan to vote for Kalyn Free because she's a liberal, progressive Democrat, running against a young, inexperienced conservative Democrat who thinks that he can inherit a seat in the United States Congress from his daddy (who was a senator and governor of the state). I'm also voting for Kalyn Free because I think it's ridiculous that in our nearly 228 year history, we've never had a Native American woman in Congress, and I think Kalyn would make a fine addition to the history books.”
– Jared, Oklahoma

“Kalyn helped me when I was down and in trouble. With her help and support I made it. “I just finished 3 years in the Navy am happily married and working back in Oklahoma.  Kalyn cares from the heart. She is knowledgeable about issues that are important to labor groups, veterans, children and all Oklahomans. She is the one we need in Congress.”   
– Brian, McAlester, OK

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