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Romney-Ryan Pink Slip Flyering Event

Mitt Romney just announced Paul Ryan as his pick for vice president. With the Republican National Convention just weeks away, we need to act now to define Romney and Ryan as the ultimate 1% ticket.

Ryan is an extremist ideologue who wants to end Medicare, radically redistribute wealth to the top 1%, and throw America's middle class under the bus. Ryan's proposed budget would cost America more than a million jobs in less than one year and tank the economy.

Since we can't match the spending of the Super PACs, we're relying on people power to get the word out. That's why on Thursday, August 16, MoveOn members will distribute 1,00,000 pink slips to amplify the message. We'll leverage 7 million members to make sure Romney and Ryan's pink slips reach key voters—women, people of color, and young people—on Facebook, Twitter, and elsewhere online. To get more attention, MoveOn members will also gather at post offices, malls, libraries, and high-traffic areas nationwide to talk to voters and the media.

True to his Bain roots, Romney would change the tax structure in a way that would lead to more jobs being created—overseas.

By distributing 1 million pink slips in conjunction with our sharp new ad, we can make sure our message reaches millions more people, through the media and our social networks. Can you organize a gathering of MoveOn members to hand out Romney-Ryan pink slips in your community?

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