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10 Days to Win Call Party 10/27-10/28

10 Days to Win Call Party 10/27-10/28

In just a few weeks, voters will decide who will run the White House for the next four years--and there's never been more on the line. The race is neck and neck, and both sides know that it all comes down to voter turnout. The GOP is spending millions of SuperPAC dollars to pay canvassers to knock on doors in the places that matter the most.

Thatís why in the last ten days of election season, we have to triple down and pull out all the stops to turn out the voters who will re-elect President Obama and help progressive House and Senate candidates across the country beat their conservative counterparts. We can outdo the GOP on the ground--but it's going to take all of us.

On Saturday and Sunday, October 27 and 28, thousands of MoveOn members will come together at 10 Days to Win call parties. We'll gather in living rooms and community centers across the country to call other MoveOn members in key battleground states and ask them to volunteer to help get out the vote where it matters the most. Hosting a call party is fun and easy. They are a chance to meet other progressives in your community and work side by side to make sure that we win in November.

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