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99% Spring Bank Protest

99% Spring Bank Protest

The 99% Spring began with an unprecedented 100,000-person training in nonviolent direct action and led to hundreds of Tax the 1% street protests on Tax Day. Next, we're taking on 40 companies that are corrupting our economy and democracy. Companies like GE, Walmart, and Bank of America have used thousands of corporate lobbyists to rig the system at the expense of the rest of us. Like never before, a broad and diverse coalition is coordinating strategies and tactics to hold big corporate abusers accountable.

Bank of America's corporate board meeting is on May 9, and thousands of activists will converge at its headquarters in Charlotte, N.C., to take direct action against the biggest bank in America. Bank of America is number one in foreclosures nationally, and it pays no taxes. The entire nation needs to know what Bank of America's done to tank our economy—and more importantly, the public needs to hear that people are fighting back. So we're organizing hundreds of solidarity events across the nation that day to support the activists in North Carolina.

We'll gather in our communities to create a human microphone that amplifies the stories of the 99% fighting back against Bank of America and the rest of the too-big-to-fail banks. To give the protests extra bite, we're also moving millions of our hard-earned dollars out of the Big Banks and into community banks and credit unions on the same day. If we can hurt their bottom line and expose them publicly, we'll build pressure on the Big Banks to do more to strengthen—not pillage—the economy.

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