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Tell Senator Simpson to resign

Senator Simpson is co-chair of a commission charged with reducing the deficit. But he thinks those who rely on Social Security are "lesser people." Let him know it's time for him to resign by adding your name below.

Caught on Video

Simpson thinks some Americans are "lesser people"

You probably know a lot of good people who depend on their Social Security check. Who count every penny. Hard-working folks who have contributed their whole lives and now need those checks.

Sen. Simpson thinks they're "lesser people." And he's joining with the other right-wing ideologues on the deficit commission to find a way to cut Social Security for those "lesser people"--even though Social Security hasn't caused the deficit.

Check out the video and then send Sen. Simpson the message that he needs to resign by clicking below. Then pass on the video to your friends.

Click here to email the commission. Use your own words and be respectful, but make it clear that you saw Sen. Simpson's comments, are outraged, and want him to resign.

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Lesser People from Official Channel on Vimeo.