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Big Mike Breaks It Down

He's got a blackboard and he's not afraid to use it!

What's the connection between oil company executives, wet t-shirt contests, the Department of Interior and the disaster in the gulf? Scary thing is, there is one. Watch Big Mike break it down and connect the dots. Hey, if you're going to stand in front of a blackboard, you might as well use it to actually explain something!

There's been a lot of finger pointing and a lot of confusion about how we came to face the greatest oil spill in US history. This video lays it out. This problem started in Washington and can end in Washington, but only if President Obama and other elected leaders get real about closing the revolving door between corporate lobbyists and our government.

Lobbyists make up 2% of Washington DC, yet they've been able to run roughshod over our democracy, rigging the rules and fixing the system so that 98% of the country gets little or no say.

If you think it's time to take our democracy back, we think this is a video you and your friends will want to see.

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