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When you asked the Senator if they would do everything in their power to stop this deal if it includes the reported cuts to Social Security benefits, what did they say?

Their Reply
Senator Patty Murray: 202-224-2621

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What Other MoveOn Members Are Hearing

aid would relay my request to not support benefit cuts to Social Security to Senator Cantwell

— SEATTLE, 2012-12-18 07:53:52

I got a recording from Patty Murry , I will call back later. I talked to Maria Cantwell's Office and they will pass along my message .

— Walla Walla, 2012-12-18 07:58:28

Murray--left msg Cantwell--talked to staff, reported my zip code after saying I didn't want any SS cuts

— Bellevue, 2012-12-18 08:03:43

Where as the recording at Patty Murray's office requested that I leave my address and phone number for a confirmation / reply from Patty, John (wouldn't give his last name) at Maria Cantwell's office would not take my address and phone number and insisted that I go to the senator's web site to get a reply/confirmation. Bad Show. Alan Goodin

— Seattle, 2012-12-18 08:19:57

I spoke to an aid for Senator Cantwell, and left a message for Senator Murray. I did not ask them to stop the deal. I commented that as a Democrat, I would find it acceptable if the cuts to Social Security were a result of examining the system to make it more efficient. I am however opposed to unexamined, straight cuts, as I believe that would be detrimental.

— Redmond, 2012-12-18 08:23:16

Aid will relay message to Maria Cantwell. Left voice message for Patty Murray

— Tacoma, 2012-12-18 08:24:05

I was told by Patty Murray's Worker that She is Definitely Committed to Making Sure that Social Security,Which My Mother relies on for Her Sole source of Income,Less than $800 dollars per MONTH!!! 73 Years old, raised Me as a Single Mother,and Now is Completely Disabled, and the Republicans want to punish Her for Making the Rich Pay their Fair Share?!!!!! Ridiculous!THIS MUST END ,Make the Rich Lazy Bloodsuckers pat their Fair Share,Like in the 50's ,when we were the Most prosperous Ever! Please make sure that You do not stop ,We need You to help Everyone Know that the Rich are Extorting The Working Class Once again!!!!!!!! I too am Disabled for Life,a Worker Injury On the Job,and disability in Washington State Should Be Completely Overhauled,it is Punitive to The Injured Workers,and Really Insane,and a Drain on the Economy,due to NOT taking Proper care of Injured Workers at the beginning of their Injuries,delay,and deny! Their Slogan is ,"The Only Good Claim,is a CLOSED CLAIM" !!! can You believe this?!!!!!I "Live" with it every day!!!!!

— Olympia, 2012-12-18 08:27:05

Maria Cantwell was non-committal. Murray had her machine picking up calls.

— Port Townsend, 2012-12-18 08:40:17

A staffer at Cnatwell said they would pass message along and asked for my zip code. And a recording received at Murrys but I left a message

— sumner, 2012-12-18 08:40:39

Senator Murray's office didn't pick up; I left a message asking for her response. At Senator Cantwell's office, a staffer answered that she had not released a statement about whether or not she would oppose such a deal, but if I wanted to comment on whether or not she should, he'd pass my comments along. I left a firm message asking the Senator to oppose any deal which included benefit cuts in the social safety net of any kind, especially Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid.

— Shoreline, 2012-12-18 08:45:13

Sen. Cantwell - person just said he'd pass that along.

— Bellevue, 2012-12-18 08:45:40

My results were much the same as already reported. Message left at Patty Murray's office and aide will pass a message to Maria Cantwell.

— Ferndale, 2012-12-18 08:46:44

Of course, one only talks to an aide or an answering machine. I left a message at each. Cantwell's aide said he would relay my message to the senator. I left my message to Senator Murray on her machine. I suggested they remove the cap on earnings instead of cutting benefits.

— Edmonds, 2012-12-18 08:58:39

CAntwell's office was very evasive in this issue. The man I spoke with said that Cantwell has not made a statement regarding her feelings on the Social Security cuts issue but "when" she does, that statement will be available on her website. The man who answered the phone was cold, distant and definitely did not want to talk to me. NOW I'm more worried than I was before, as I am a senior just about to start collecting SS and as it is, it's not enough, so the cuts would be devastating. THank you for the work you are doing.

— Woodmont Beach, 2012-12-18 09:01:39

We need more deductions! I live on 649 disability with SSI and Social Security! I work. I am allowed to earn $20.00 a month. A penny more and I lose important Medicaid! This is out of step with today's costs of living! It leads to despair and suicide. It is outrageous that President Obama is even considering letting those who make $250,000 a year not pay for the resources they use (human and natural)or the services they use and take from those who have spent 70 years working and paying for the chairs they sit in.

— SEATTLE, 2012-12-18 09:02:06

Left message with staff members who said they'd pass on our request to both senators.

— Mercer Island, 2012-12-18 09:03:25

I left message on answering machine

— Friday Harbor, 2012-12-18 09:03:53

At Cantwell's, I gave my message to a staffer. At Murray's, I left a voice recording. You should also give constituents the chance to email our concerns to the senators. Thx.Bellinghgam

— Silver Beach, 2012-12-18 09:07:28

Don't be weak-kneed!

— West Seattle, 2012-12-18 09:08:48

Contacted an aid at Senator Cantwell's office with request to NOT allow cuts to Soc Security. Tried calling Senator Murray several times but could not get through.

— Westwood, 2012-12-18 09:10:14

There is never a real person to answer Patty's phones. So email or something else is what I do.

— Des Moines, 2012-12-18 09:11:26

aid at Cantwell's office said he would pass the message of no social security cuts on. Had to leave a message at Patty Murray's office

— Port Townsend, 2012-12-18 09:13:00

Senator Cantwell's staffer said she would pass on message to Senator.

— Seattle, 2012-12-18 09:13:56

I spoke with a staff member,who said they would pass the message to Senator Murry

— Olympia, 2012-12-18 09:16:18

Message would be passed along to both Patty & Maria!

— Blaine, 2012-12-18 09:16:18

I also stated that I was against cuts in Medicare, Medicaid, Food Stamps and Unemployment Benefits. In addition, I'm not pleased President Obama is apparently raising the bar to $400,000 for allowing the GWBush tax cuts to continue. It's time the top 2% started paying their fair share. At some point all of us who can will have to pay more taxes to provide everyone with access to a decent education, health care, public services, infrastructure and a clean environment. Right now, however, the poor and the middle class need jobs and the opportunity to get back on our feet.

— Woodway, 2012-12-18 09:17:30

I asked her to stop any deal that comes with cuts to SS or raising the age on retirement

— Sol Duc Hot Springs, 2012-12-18 09:17:57

Senator Murray's office said that she agrees with not touching Social Security. Senator Cantwell's office said they would convey my request to the senator.

— seattle, 2012-12-18 09:20:58

Left a voice mail.

— Inglewood, 2012-12-18 09:21:23

Cantwell aid will pass on my comments. She did say that Cantwell has not yet made a public statement on her position, though she has traditionally supported social security benefits.

— LaPorte, 2012-12-18 09:22:07

Maria's office staff made no comment saying "They would pass my message ON"

— SeaTac, 2012-12-18 09:22:32

Dear Senator Murray, I really was surprized to see that you were on the fence about this. I just want to encourage you to do everything in your power to fight for social security. My mother depends on it, worked hard and put into it. Us baby boomers have paid double for it. Some very nefarious things have been done to raid it and this is stealing. The Bush tax cuts have deprived this nation of billions. The corporate welfare we give to companies is such a travesty. All of the off shore tax dodging not to mention the bank heist of the people as Bush was leaving! Before our seniors and vets are asked to give up a dime all of these sources that have ground this company into the dirt should be taken on. What about Haliburton/KBR how much were they worth before the war vs after wards? War profiteers should be jailed in my opinion but if not that at the very least should have to pay massive taxes. Please, Please fight for social security. These people need you. I need you. Thankyou Elvina Taylor

— Ridgefield, 2012-12-18 09:24:21

Please make sure that the only change that is made to Social Security is by making it your retirement system.

— Shelton, 2012-12-18 09:24:35

Call lines busy - I left my message - hope its heard - left my phone #

— Tonasket, 2012-12-18 09:24:36

Murray's office will pass message to senator (no cuts to middle and lower class benefits as part of a deal)

— Port Townsend, 2012-12-18 09:26:02

Cantwell's office will pass on the message. Murray, as usual, has an answering machine.

— Ferndale, 2012-12-18 09:26:04

No chance to talk with anyone, just a recording.

— Seattle, 2012-12-18 09:27:50

left message...asked her to respond by e-mail

— Mercer Island, 2012-12-18 09:35:27

Please no cuts to Social Security, why put seniors on welfare?

— Yakima, 2012-12-18 09:36:04

Got a recording from Murray, left message.

— Marietta, 2012-12-18 09:37:06

I am really frustrated that it's possible the tax cuts may be increased to $400,000 a year or more and they want to cut the $20 raise most of us received this year to what??? $5? $10? Most of us worked harder and longer for our social security than any of these politicians.

— Auburn, 2012-12-18 09:40:41

Senator Murry had voice mail on. I left a message. Senator Cantwell had a live person answering and taking messages. He said he would pass it along.

— Puyallup, 2012-12-18 09:41:27

Left a message that I am opposed to cuts in benefits for Social Secruity, Medicare, Mediciad. I would support efficiencies in process and ability to negotiate on drug prices. But benefit cuts. Thank you

— North Bend, 2012-12-18 09:43:40

I left messages with both Patty and Maria. With Maria I spoke to an aide who promised to forward the message and with Patty I ended up leaving a recording. Sounds like Maria has more staff taking calls than Patty.

— Seattle, 2012-12-18 09:46:02

Called both Patty and Maria. Sopke with a staffer at Maria's office left a massage at Patty's

— Seattle, 2012-12-18 09:48:18

Talked to aidin Sen. Cantwell's office. Took message, assured of passing it on, asked for my zip code. Left message on phone for Sen. Murray

— Redmond, 2012-12-18 09:49:33

talked to office...was not forthcoming, but agreed with me

— Vancouver, 2012-12-18 09:49:42

A recording answered the phone at Patty Murray's office. I left her a message and ask for a response. I let her know that it is important that "entitlements" should not be a part of this budget discussion.

— , 2012-12-18 09:50:22

Haven't been able thus far to get through to Cantwell's line. Will continue to try.

— Union Mills, 2012-12-18 09:52:21

Was only able to leave messages at both Cantwell & Murray's office.

— BELLINGHAM, 2012-12-18 09:52:45

left messages with staff who said they'd conveyed it...also called White House w same...

— nordland, 2012-12-18 09:55:09

Politely took my message but seemed to be non committal.

— Bellingham, 2012-12-18 09:55:35

I spoke with a real person at Cantwell's office; the gentleman said he would convey my message to the senator.

— White Salmon, 2012-12-18 09:58:26

Recording from Murray's office and I left a message. Cantwell's aid could not comment on that but said he would relay the message to her and asked for my zip code.

— Kennewick, 2012-12-18 09:58:43

Got a recording from Senator Murray's office and a representative at Senator Cantwell's office said he would pass the message along.

— Seattle, 2012-12-18 09:59:36

Will take comments at Cantwell - message only at Murry due to call volume

— Olympia, 2012-12-18 09:59:51

Left a voicemail on her answering machine in D.C. I urged her to take Social Security off the negotiating table.

— Seattle, 2012-12-18 10:00:18

Left voicemail message indicating we're counting on Patty to stay strong, not allow Republican trophy hunting of cuts to SS and Medicare. Let's go over the cliff if we have to.

— Vashon, 2012-12-18 10:02:24

I called both!

— Redmond, 2012-12-18 10:02:41

Patty Murray's office didn't answer and Cantwell's only had someone to take messages.

— Bellingham, 2012-12-18 10:04:57

Your team promised not to touch Social Security. You also insisted on raising the taxes on the rich. Don't falter. Keep those promises.

— Bellingham, 2012-12-18 10:09:02

Someone answered at Senator Cantwell. Left message. Patty Murray was a message machine that cut me off. We the people,are done with both parties. If the divide between the haves and have nots gets any worse, I fear for what people with nothing left to lose will do. Our communities that were once vital look like ghettos. Is this the Anerica we want!? NO!

— Seattle, 2012-12-18 10:09:13

Left message with live body at Cantwell's and with message machine at Murray's.

— Gig Harbor, 2012-12-18 10:10:06

Contact was made with representatives from both Senator's offices, each indicated they'd pass on my concerns, but neither would comment on their Senator's position on these discussions. Also, left msg for Senator Murray and requested a call back or ltr regarding her position.

— Yakima, 2012-12-18 10:10:08

left a message: "stop the deal". As a 79 yr old man living on meager social security benefits I would know the meaning of cuts in my food, medicine, and other necessities if the President makes his "grand bargain"...a grand bargain for the rich in this country not for the poor or the old.

— Twisp, 2012-12-18 10:10:40

left message-reminded her of my support for her over the years, reminded her of her strength and resolve, asked her to fight FOR SS, medicare, medicaid - STAND AGAINST GOP

— Sharpsburg, 2012-12-18 10:16:52

talked to a rep for Murray and left a message for Cantwell

— tukwila, 2012-12-18 10:17:30

Both officies said they have not yet made a statement on this issue but have always be strong supporters of SS.

— Woodland, 2012-12-18 10:18:53

I called twice --an hour apart-- both times I got the voice mail.

— Camas, 2012-12-18 10:19:31

Voiced my displeasure with state of deal; tax for 2% should expire-pay their fair share. Hands off med, SS -didn't cause deficit. Stick up for middle class!!

— Washington, 2012-12-18 10:20:38

I am so angry with the Republicans !! When are they going to start representing us?Don't vote for this new offer by John Boehner

— Marysville, 2012-12-18 10:29:43

Left message with Senator Murray and spoke with someone at Senator Cantwell's office.

— Welcome, 2012-12-18 10:30:12

Murray--had to leave message. Cantwell--aide answered; cold and distant as others have reported--said he would pass along message.

— Port Townsend, 2012-12-18 10:33:07

I left a voice message for Patty Murray and told aid to Maria Cantwell that I am opposed specifically to the cuts to Social Security.

— Woodway, 2012-12-18 10:37:52

Here we go again; spineless democrats who won acting like losers.

— Tacoma, 2012-12-18 10:38:16

I was told Senator Cantwell had not taken a position on this yet.

— Seattle, 2012-12-18 10:38:32

For a lot ofussocial security is all wehave for income and we desperately need Medicare.

— seattle, 2012-12-18 10:39:47

I left messages at both offices.

— laconner, 2012-12-18 10:42:15

Senator Cantwell's office answered, but said they have not yet put out a statement and will pass my message to the Senator. Left VM at Sen. Murray's office. Sen. Cantwell's phone aide wouldn't give me her email address, instead insisting that I visit her site (no URL provided) and click Contact.

— Seattle, 2012-12-18 10:44:24

Cantwell's rep took the message and added that she would pass on that my 75 year friend is having to pull her own teeth because she can't afford the copays... her dental is simply not enough. That's is INHUMANE. You want to bring this story to light???? Call me: Lindri Henegar 206-799-4890.

— Seattle, 2012-12-18 10:45:28

In the case of Senator Cantwell's office I spoke to a person and in the instance of Senator Murray's office it was a recording.

— Vancouver, 2012-12-18 10:50:13

I left a recorded message requesting Senator Patty Murray to support no cuts to Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid.

— Fox Island, 2012-12-18 10:50:15

I was told by Senator Cantwell's Seattle office that she opposes any cuts to Social Security, Medicare or Medicaid.

— Vancouver, 2012-12-18 10:50:38

Sen. Cantwell's office says she has not released a statement yet, but in the past has been a strong opponent of benefit cuts. I never get a person at Sen. Murray's office. I usually do get a real person at Sen. Cantwell's office. H-mmm!

— Pleasant Valley, 2012-12-18 11:03:31

Cantwell's person said would give message to Maria. Did not say what she would do. Should have pressed harder, probably. Left a message for Murray.

— Royal Slope, 2012-12-18 11:07:53

I left a voice mail message.

— Shelton, 2012-12-18 11:08:39

Recording from Sen Murray's office. Left message with an Aide from Sen Cantwell's office...will pass along message.

— Salem, 2012-12-18 11:10:21

Will pass on my message to not cut SS or medicare.

— Similk Beach, 2012-12-18 11:11:51

I sent an email and asked for a response. Lacey

— Lacey, 2012-12-18 11:12:28

Had to leave a phone message encouraging Patty Murray to hold tight and not support any cuts to Social Security.

— Bellingham, 2012-12-18 11:13:54

got her phone...she was overloaded with calls...I left a strong message but was disappointed not to talk to an aide and her at this point Pat Martin Issaquah WA

— Issaquah, 2012-12-18 11:19:14

Will pass on message

— Bellingham, 2012-12-18 11:22:32

I left a voice message for Patty Murray and I left a message with Maria Cantwells representative expressing my disapproval with cutting and not ending the Bush era tax cuts for the top 2%.I find these proposals to be totally unacceptable.

— Auburn, 2012-12-18 11:25:16

Secretaries took message and will pass to Senators.

— Bainbridge Island, 2012-12-18 11:29:57

Neither senator's office picked up the phone, I had to leave messages at both.

— Bellingham, 2012-12-18 11:32:16

I left a long message on Sen. Murray's message recording. I talked to a person in Sen. Cantwell's office and left the same message. I also called President Obama's comment line and spoke to a person--left a long message.

— West Seattle, 2012-12-18 11:37:58

I told them to TAKE IT OFF THE TABLE!! I rely on it! I also wished them happy holidays.......she'll pass on my message.

— Seattle, 2012-12-18 11:38:07

Both Cantwell's and Murray's offices said they would pass along my messages to not support cuts to social security.

— seattle, 2012-12-18 11:54:00

I just received a letter yesterday that my pension is being CUT by 3% now this! I have been a life long Democrat and DEMAND that you DO NOT FREEZE COA on Social Security and TAX the wealthy as FDR and Clinton did! DON'T SELL ME OUT!

— VANCOUVER, 2012-12-18 12:00:08

both offices are hearing conflicting reports regarding social security cuts. I repeated your message for them to stop this deal if it is true, said I was calling as a constituent and as member of MoveOn, and was told they are happy to pass message on to the Senator. Seattle, WA

— University, 2012-12-18 12:01:17

Senator Cantwell's staff took my message and will pass it on. Got a recording from Senator Murray's answering service - I recorded my message.

— Seattle, 2012-12-18 12:03:51

I talked to a staff person who said she would pass it on. I told her I am not opposed to everyone making some adjustments/sacrifices, but that 5% from social security recipients, with an average of 1,200 a month, when we are cut to the bone already, is much more than 2% for those making $250,000 or more. I have heard they will not even ask for 2% from those with high incomes. I am opposed to that.

— Kenmore, 2012-12-18 12:05:34

her office rep said she'll pass it on to Sen. Murray and thanked me for calling.

— Seattle, 2012-12-18 12:15:45

Also suggested they lift the caps on social security for the wealthy to pay into social security.

— Port hadlock, 2012-12-18 12:19:25

The receiver said that she will note the message asking not to let any cuts to social security.

— Renton, 2012-12-18 12:22:17

Left message with office worker in Senator Cantwell's office who said he would pass the message to the Senator. Left a voice message for Senator Murray

— Sammamish, 2012-12-18 12:25:07

Both their aides said they had made no statement yet, said they'll pass on my msg.Murray's aide said she doesn't want those cuts (but will she vote for them? He had no statement from her on specific proposal). Had to call Murray's Seattle office. Her extremely rude DC aide hung up on me, then did it again when I called back, so it was no accident. The DC office is very hard to reach personally. Her Seattle aide was nice and apologized for DC.

— Bainbridge Island, 2012-12-18 12:27:42

I had to leave messages. I also asked my mom to call them, which she did. so, 2 calls to each.

— Issaquah, 2012-12-18 12:30:55

No statement yet but her staffer said Ms. Murray is a past strong supporter.

— MERCER ISLAND, 2012-12-18 12:30:57

Senator Maria Cantwell, I voted for you because I know you can help us and save us from our SSA, by not having any cut. And Senator Murray, you are also one of the best Senators that can protect and act for the welfare of all the Seniors like me. Thank you. Pola Opiniano of Washington StaTE

— Renton, 2012-12-18 12:31:35

I left a message for both of them.

— Samish Island, 2012-12-18 12:31:56

Said that she would be releasing a statement and would pass along my message.

— Bainbridge Island, 2012-12-18 12:32:10

I had to leave a message

— Auburn, 2012-12-18 12:34:54

aid would relay my request to not support benefit cuts to Social Security to Senator Cantwell

— Auburn, 2012-12-18 12:41:08

they will pass along the message

— Olympia, 2012-12-18 12:46:29

left msg with both

— Lakewood, 2012-12-18 12:48:54

I spoke to an aid at Senator Cantwell's office and asked her to relay my message. I left a voicemail at Senator Murray's office along with my name, address and a request that she write me back acknowledging my opposition to any ss cuts.

— Seattle, 2012-12-18 12:49:33

Cantwell talked to staff member, she said she'ed pass on the message, asked for my zip code. Murry, left message did not speek to live person.

— Everett, 2012-12-18 12:50:01

Left a message on Senator Murray's line. All other lines were busy.

— Seattle, 2012-12-18 12:51:48

Sen. Cantwell office had and aide answer the phone, take the message and record my zip code before saying they would pass the message on. Voice mail was left for the office of Sen. Murray

— Bellingham, 2012-12-18 12:56:56

maria cantwells staff will definetly give her my message.

— bellingham, 2012-12-18 12:57:45

Called both senators and left messages

— Sequim,, 2012-12-18 13:00:31

Senator Cantwell has not taken a position on this matter yet...when she takes a position, you will be able to find it on her website....

— Seattle, 2012-12-18 13:00:59

Senator Maria Cantwell's office advised they will pass my msg along & I left my name & zipcode

— Shoreline, 2012-12-18 13:02:53

Talked with a staff person.

— Des Moines, 2012-12-18 13:05:17

Also contacted Congressman McDermott and the White House.

— Seattle, 2012-12-18 13:05:46

The recorder stated that all receptionists were busy with other callers, so either leave a message or please call back. I chose to leave a message urging her to stand by her previously stated position of "no cuts to Social Securuty".

— Seattle, 2012-12-18 13:10:48

Staff member took my comments that I wanted to be assured that Senator Cantwell knew my opposition to any bargain that would cut important social programs and cuts to SS. Sen. Murray's line went to anwswering machine where I already left a message with the Senator regarding filibuster reform; I'll try again later and leave another msg if need be.

— Olympia, 2012-12-18 13:12:52

Senator Patty Murray's office--Will pass message on

— Lacey, 2012-12-18 13:13:13

Left message with Senator Patty Murray's Office. Talked to staff Senator Cantwell's office. Said he would relay the message.

— Renton, 2012-12-18 13:16:07

Asked for a return call or email after asking the question.

— Bellingham, 2012-12-18 13:20:05

I reached a recording. I called two local numbers as well, both of which used recordings. I asked why she didn't come out with a strong statement against the cuts and expressed my concern about any cuts to Social Security.

— Camas, 2012-12-18 13:20:56

Noncommital at DC office. Will pass my message along to Cantwell.

— Everett, 2012-12-18 13:26:39

usual crap — thank you for calling; your call is very important to me

— Bremerton, 2012-12-18 13:27:08

I spoke with a person in Senator Cantwell's office who said that he will definitely pass along my message to leave social security alone.

— , 2012-12-18 13:28:44

I called their local offices and told them that if I were to bear the burden of saving us from the fiscal cliff, the Department of Defense and the Pentagon should also do their part by having their budgets subject to stringent COLAS and the chained CPI. I also sent e-mails to everyone.

— Federal Way, 2012-12-18 13:31:36

Cantwell's took my comments

— Tacoma, 2012-12-18 13:33:19

I got an answering machine - but did ask for a written response. I let the Senator know that my husband and I are adamant about having our Social Security left alone. We believe that the President should raise the debt ceiling. We're tired of being blackmailed by the Republicans.

— Camano Island, 2012-12-18 13:33:30

Senator Cantwell's office said she had not made a decision on cuts. I left a recorded message for Senator Murray.

— Bellevue, 2012-12-18 13:34:06

asked for a reply via phone call or e-mail

— seattle, 2012-12-18 13:35:44

Called both; detailed input for Senator Murray. Love how she provides an avenue for input; Cantwell's office didnt even ask my name- dismissive, yet young man stated he would pass it on.

— Richland, 2012-12-18 13:37:06

Staff wouldn't say, but would pass along my message

— Seattle, 2012-12-18 13:38:57

Left message with Sen. Murray. Spoke with a representative from Sen. Cantwell. To our politicians: Say what you mean and mean what you say. The 250K was THE line in the sand. For God's sake don't waiver AGAIN!

— Mercer Island, 2012-12-18 13:40:54

Left message for both Senators to leave Medicare and Social security alone unless there is no other alternative to avoid the fiscal cliff. Dan Wright

— Federal Way, 2012-12-18 13:40:58

spoke w/Cantwell rep & expressed my concerns. left recorded msg 4 Murray. Told both that SS should NOT be on the table, as it is not contributing to deficit! Stand strong for once, Dems. Pls someone tell them they just won the election & should grow some backbone.

— Sol Duc Hot Springs, 2012-12-18 13:45:00

Called local office......left message with staffers to be forwarded to Senators. they can RAISE the contribution and NOT have to do anything more to social security---keep benefits intact. they already stopped COLA's for 3 years and now this? Really?

— Bothell, 2012-12-18 13:45:55

I was not able to talk to their office staff so I left a message for both senators that they reject the so called chained COLA to SS.

— Everett, 2012-12-18 13:48:31

Say Senators have not announced a position. Told them to stop the deal if it involves ANY cuts.

— Mercer Island, 2012-12-18 13:49:38

They both said thank you and they would pass it on to the senators. Senator Cantwell's aide asked for my zip code.

— Lopez Island, 2012-12-18 13:51:40

Spoke to people in both offices. Left my zip with Ms. Cantwell office.

— Totem Lake, 2012-12-18 13:52:10

That my comments would be passed along ...

— Enumclaw, 2012-12-18 13:52:42

Left messages for both senators with their staff.

— Bellingham, 2012-12-18 13:55:36

I emailed since she's not answering her phone anyway. I all done being respectful to these spineless people. I told her to grow a spine and a heart.

— Port Orchard, 2012-12-18 13:56:15

Left a message with both offices.

— Seattle, 2012-12-18 13:56:49

left a voice mail for Patty Murray. Talked to a staffer at Cantwell's office who will pass along the message (with my zip code) Bellingham

— Bellingham, 2012-12-18 13:58:11

Spoke to staff members, positive response from both Senetors

— Winston, 2012-12-18 13:58:33

Left message w/ a flunky.

— Omak, 2012-12-18 14:01:21

staff member of Senator Cantwell said he would give my message to her. Left message on Senator Murray's machine

— Everett, 2012-12-18 14:02:04

Left message: Please no cuts to SS payments expecially no change to chained CPI. Delay to 67 or so makes sense since we are living and working longer but hope I can count on your support for not making cuts to benefit payments.

— winthrop, 2012-12-18 14:04:20

Left messages, cantwell's aide didnt ask for my name but I gave it any way...not a great feeling of response...sad had to leave a mess for sen murray we shall see what happens. I noticed latest deal raises level from 250,000 to 400,000 income ~ that is a bad move!!

— Olympia, 2012-12-18 14:05:49

Both senarors were called, I explained that I appreciate if they not vote for anything that would modify the SSN benefits. Each sraff member said they would give the message to the senator.

— Battle Ground, 2012-12-18 14:06:50

Due to the comments left by so many that they were unable to reach Senators Murray and Cantwell, I chose to go to their websites and write a lengthy message.

— Pullman, 2012-12-18 14:12:21

Sen. Cantwell's office: "Thanks for your call buh buy". Sen Murry's office: "I'm happy to pass this massage on for you".

— Snohomish, 2012-12-18 14:14:05

Social Security is going bankrupt. We do need to make benefit cuts in a responsible manner.

— Seattle, 2012-12-18 14:14:59

Both people who answered the phones said they would pass on the comment. Cantwell's staff said she was known for supporting Social Security in the past, but she had not made a public statement about the fiscal deal. Murray's office just said they would pass on the comment.

— Seattle, 2012-12-18 14:16:25

spoke with staff members who said they would pass the message along to the senators.

— The Highlands, 2012-12-18 14:19:32

Spoke to staffers at both Sen. Cantwell's and Sen. Murray's office. The staffer at Sen. Murray's office seemed friendly, not minding the call.We spoke a little bit. The staffer at Sen. Cantwell's office seems very cold and couldn't really be bothered Kind of annoying actually, but I told both staffers I hoped the senators would not back down and would hold their ground, since they were voted in as Democrats.

— Wallingford, 2012-12-18 14:22:19

Message on recoding for Murray- message to aid for Cantwell

— Renton, 2012-12-18 14:22:46

neither has taken a position to stop the deal.

— Seattle, 2012-12-18 14:23:13

I got a recording at Patty Murray's office. Talked to someone at Marie Cantwell's office--they took my message and asked for my zip code.

— Kirkland, 2012-12-18 14:23:21

Only response I got from both was that the message would be passed to the senator

— Rainier, 2012-12-18 14:25:59

Cantwell's office said, "thank you ."

— Seattle, 2012-12-18 14:30:14

The person that answer the phone took my message and said Senator Cantwell was not available, but he took my zip code and said he would give my message to her. Ralph Heyward

— Seattle, 2012-12-18 14:30:27

Talked to staff

— Seattle, 2012-12-18 14:33:18

I left a message.

— Cincinnati, 2012-12-18 14:33:42

they said they would pass on the message to the senator.

— Issaquah, 2012-12-18 14:35:14

Asked that Senator Murray respond to my query on her positition with respect to the president's proposed Social Security cut by way of a new CPI index.

— Port Townsend, 2012-12-18 14:36:15

Aid will relay message to Maria Cantwell. Left voice message for Patty Murray

— Vancouver, 2012-12-18 14:36:29

I called them both this morning and left a message that Soc Sec does not affect the deficit and that changes in Medicare affects the needy. I also said that the President is backtracking on campaign promises. WHY?

— Tacoma, 2012-12-18 14:37:07

Called both Cantrell and Murray. The later was a recording. Zip 98105

— Seattle, 2012-12-18 14:37:34

Murray - left a voice message Cantwell - left a message on her website

— Seattle, 2012-12-18 14:40:45

I also asked for their support in opposing raising the Medicare eligibility age to 67, to oppose the Monsanto rider on the agricultural subsides bill, and to support and work for a ban on assault weapons.

— Wollochet, 2012-12-18 14:41:08

sent emails instead.

— Belfair, 2012-12-18 14:41:24

They said they'd pass on my message

— Seattle, 2012-12-18 14:41:27

I left a recorded message with Senator Murray. With Senator Cantwell I spoke with someone. He asked for my zip code and did not say anything else,except "thanks."

— Bow, 2012-12-18 14:41:42

Neither Senator has decided about this issue yet.

— Vashon, 2012-12-18 14:42:20

I just moved to Washington State 7 months ago, but I registered and voted for you. I voted for change and I'm really expecting change from the President and you. If this goes through trust your credibility and the President does too. I'm one of the out of work citizen as well as disabled and to have the opposing party get their way when the majority of the population has truly spoke in favor of change. To be totally honest I really don't depend nor trust none of you politician and the choice of two parties is a concept which is far outdated both parties are the same I see no difference therefore what's the point of you all changing anything for the common citizen. So here's my point vote no on this or have a logical explanation for why you vote yes and trust me your record is for public review and scrutiny as well as praise the choice is yours. For once stop acting in favor of the filthy rich.

— Bothell, 2012-12-18 14:42:30

Aides would relay messages

— Bow, 2012-12-18 14:43:30

both said the message would be passed along:::would be interested to know if both are keeping yea and nea os SS

— walla walla, 2012-12-18 14:46:01

Left Murray a phone message. Talked to Cantwell staff and reported my zip code. Told them to hang tough and stop any SSA cuts. Bellingham

— Bellingham, 2012-12-18 14:47:20

said they will pass along my message

— Longview, 2012-12-18 14:47:45

In both phone calls I told the person that I spoke with that I'd like to urge the senator to oppose the cuts to S.S. benefits.

— Seattle, 2012-12-18 14:51:41

I called all three of my reps. and best they can say is I'll pass that along!!

— Camano Island, 2012-12-18 14:52:42

Neither would respond directly. Murray's office said she has taken this position in the past, but no statement on current question specifically. I conveyed also my own experience as a beneficiary of Social Security Survivor benefits, and how society now is the beneficiary of my getting a good start!

— Seattle, 2012-12-18 14:53:44

Left a voicemail with Sen Murray and a message with Sen Cantwell's staff.

— Seattle, 2012-12-18 14:54:09

I told them I wouldn't be voting for anyone who voted for cuts to Social Security or Medicare, including adjusting the inflation rate. I have already lost $200,000 in equity in my house and I wasn't bailed out like the banks were, I did not vote for President Obama..I wrote in Russ Feingold, but I have supported both senators in the past.

— Bothell, 2012-12-18 14:56:19

She "hasn't made public comments"

— Seattle, 2012-12-18 14:57:00

I told them I do NOT support any cuts to SS at all, nor do I support the Bush tax cuts being extended to those making $400 Grand/year.

— olympia, 2012-12-18 14:59:40

Left a message with a live aid of Senator Cantwell's. Left VM for Senator Murray.

— seattle, 2012-12-18 14:59:54

I spoke with a person and asked that message be given to Sen Cantwell to not let SS get cut.

— Kirkland, 2012-12-18 15:02:14

Aide will pass along my comments.

— Seattle, 2012-12-18 15:04:41

Talked with reps at both offices. Gave them the figures in my own situation as a retired person(next yr, Social Security increases by $22.50/mo,, my Medicare PAYMENTS increase by $5.00/mo and taxes go up by $2.50 a month!!! I told them I can't AFFORD to have Medicare or SS "on the table!" It really scares me!! ---Susan, Vancouver

— Vancouver, 2012-12-18 15:06:48

left a message

— seattle, 2012-12-18 15:07:17

I left a voice message for Senator Murray & I spoke with an actual person when I called Senator Cantwell's office & I politely asked that Sen. Cantwell vote no on the SS cuts because that deal leaves too many of the Bush era tax cuts for the top 2% intact & that it is obvious that the Republicants are just trying to hold the middle & lower classes hostage again till they get what they WANT & would've easily obtained had Romney been voted in as President, which HE WASN'T, so that is proof over half the country DOES NOT WANT CUTS TO SOCIAL SECURITY & WANTS CUTS TO THE WEALTHY TAX BREAKS INSTEAD!

— Bellevue, 2012-12-18 15:10:51

I am emailing both as well as each senator & rep that I donated too.

— Benton City, 2012-12-18 15:14:23

MC-Office staff will relay message. PM-Left detailed message & requested written response.

— Everett, 2012-12-18 15:19:08

the person I called asked why I called. I told him and he asked for my zip code and said that he appreciated my call

— Olga, 2012-12-18 15:19:47

Cantwell I spoke to person and said would pass the message alone

— Bothell, 2012-12-18 15:26:35

Aid just said they'd pass on commentary. And that no public statement has been issued.

— Seattle, 2012-12-18 15:36:31

Aid would relay my message to Senator Cantwell.

— Eastsound, 2012-12-18 15:36:47

I gave my opinion. Her staff didn't say her position.

— Tempe, 2012-12-18 15:37:19

I was able to convey to each office my wish that COLAs are not cut. (I personally think we could tweak a few SS things such as raising the top cap for paying in and some additional $ for truly wealthy people towards Medicare Part B). I believe both our Senators wish to keep these programs STRONG and will work toward that end. Thankfully. And that is why we vote for them.

— Wallingford, 2012-12-18 16:01:53

have called both.

— Tacoma, 2012-12-18 16:08:10

I had to leave a message as it was after their business hours.

— Longview, 2012-12-18 16:15:55

I received a message that said they were overwhelmed by calls, so leave a message. I begged both of them to NOT raise revenue by changing Medicare, Social Security and COLAs or Medicaid. How do they expect those of us on FIXED incomes to make up for George Bushes 2 wars and his tax cuts for the rich. Even though I got a measley COLA this year, my health insurance company and Medicare tripled my healthcare premiums and deductibles on everything!! How can I make up for that??? I can baRELY PAY MY BILLS AS IT IS. sENIORS ARE GOING TO BE HOMELESS IF THIS KEEPS UP!!!

— Everett, 2012-12-18 16:17:25

Also I reported I support no cuts to Medicare or Medicaid and my support for an assault weapons ban

— Olympia, 2012-12-18 16:24:33

I also called Rep Reichert and I plan on sending an email to each of them.

— Bellevue, 2012-12-18 16:35:35

You don't get to talk to the Senator on the phone. I sent an email. Mike Palmer

— Snohomish, 2012-12-18 16:47:52

Leave social security alone, let the rich take the cuts for a change. High paid people need to get into the real world.

— Winlock, 2012-12-18 16:48:22

I emailed both my senators. Sen. Cantwell responded that she is against the chained CPI and will not support it. Still waiting to hear from Sen. Murray.

— Kittitas, 2012-12-18 16:49:16

Why are we not cutting defense spending and cutting our undefended social programs instead. No cuts to COLA in SS.

— Langley, 2012-12-18 16:53:39

A staffer at Cantwell said they would pass message along and asked for my zip code. And a recording received at Murrys but I left a message

— Seattle, 2012-12-18 17:05:11

Left a message of deep concern about what the fiscal deal that is in the works might do to Soc. Sec'y. Said that the Republicans don't know or choose not to know that people live on Social Security, that I am one of these people, and that I am alarmed.

— Port Angeles, 2012-12-18 17:20:31

messages left on voice mail; if obama won't stand up for the elderly/social Security, I insist they do! no cuts to Social Security, period

— seattle, 2012-12-18 17:24:11

Left messages for both

— Redmond, 2012-12-18 17:25:44

I emailed Maria Cantwell and quickly received a reply that said, in part, " Chained CPI would result in lower cost of living increases for Social Security recipients. I strongly oppose the proposed use of the Chained CPI. I understand that many Social Security recipients have expenses that differ from those of typical wage earners and clerical workers, and that the proposed Chained CPI would not reflect the actual cost-of-living changes these citizens face." - Orcas Island

— EASTSOUND, 2012-12-18 17:35:00

I got a recording, but urged them to reject any proposed changes to Soc Security and pointed out the danger to elderly, disabled and vets if new CPI method is used. Costs for food and medical expenses go up and up and even small COLAs help a little and over time add up.

— Olympia, 2012-12-18 17:37:52

Only able leave a long message.....

— Gig Harbor, 2012-12-18 17:43:52

Left messages. I'm glad to be adding to their voicemail inboxes with the rest of you :)

— Kirkland, 2012-12-18 17:48:04

left mess. with both senators and my TEA PARTY bitch rep Butler. Don't touch SS

— Battle Ground, 2012-12-18 17:53:55

Got voice mails on both Senators I left messages with both that we on Social Security cant afford cuts on our limited bugets we have enough trouble getting by on a limited budget.Cant afford budget cuts on us and tax breaks for the rich.

— , 2012-12-18 18:28:25

I am a senior, worked all my life to be where I am, please do not let Congress spoile the life of Senior's that have worked all their lives to be where I am and worry that our children will not have a social security benifit that they have been paying into it, without reward..

— Federal Way, 2012-12-18 18:41:07

Please don't let them make cuts to Social Security. They have already taken away COLA from my teaching retirement. Am I just collateral damage now that I have given 30 years of teaching?

— Coupeville, 2012-12-18 18:45:12

oppose benefit cuts.

— Westwood Village, 2012-12-18 20:02:59

voiced my opinion on not cutting SS, medicaid,medicare benefits, keeping the $250,000 number recommended by Obama for tax increases, and removing the cap on paying in to SS. Time to stop pandering to the rich!

— Similk Beach, 2012-12-18 20:16:48

I called only Sen Murray.

— Olympia, 2012-12-18 20:24:16

The people that answered were very polite and said the message would be passed on.

— Shoreline, 2012-12-18 20:36:04

I left both of them messages, but will try to call and talk to someone tomorrow. In my message I simply told both of them, in the strongest terms possible (but respectfully) that Obama's apparent plan to give away a huge amount of Social Security is absolutely and irrevocably unacceptable. For all the reasons stated here and more. I hope my calls are merely preaching to the choir.

— Everett, 2012-12-18 20:37:31

unable to leave a message for Sen Cantwell as called after hours

— Seattle, 2012-12-18 21:13:08

called both and left messages from myself and my husband that we don't want to see cuts to the money that we have paid into, and that we are entitled to in the true sense of the word

— Seattle, 2012-12-18 21:33:20


— Ridgefield, 2012-12-18 21:48:53

No cuts, no exceptions. We all know social security doesn't do anything to our deficit, ask Ronald Reagan

— Federal Way, 2012-12-18 22:50:44

Left a msg. for both Senators.

— Sequim, 2012-12-18 23:42:02

Wen I called Senator Cantwells office I spoke with Aaron who said our concerns were shared, however, when I called Senator Murray's office and spoke to Katie I was horrified, both at her hostility to a polite constituent, but she then referred to our earned benefits as entitlements, saying, well that is what the "government" referred to them as. Looks like we are being sold down the river to the big money.

— Bellingham, 2012-12-19 07:52:24

Maria Cantwell will relay message to her; however, response was unenthusiastic. Patty Murray: could only leave a message with no human contact possible

— Waunch Prairie, 2012-12-19 08:33:29

Left message with live operator with urgency to please stop bill for hurting SS. Left my reason as to why I need this to happen. 70 yrs. old on SS Disability. Urgent for Sen. Murray's support. Thanked them for being able to leave a message.

— Yakima, 2012-12-19 08:39:43

I talked with staffers from both offices - stating while I understood the need for compromise in other areas - there should be NO compromise on Social Security.

— Issaquah, 2012-12-19 08:49:33

Left message about filibuster and SS on Murray's machine in DC and a message with Staff in Seattle.

— Camas, 2012-12-19 09:29:21

got Sen.Murray's voice mail - left a message about no cuts to ss, got an aide for Sen. Cantwell, who said he will pass on the message.

— Shoreline, 2012-12-19 09:34:31

left tele mess asking Sen Murray to stop this deal to cuts in socsec!

— seattle, 2012-12-19 09:44:50

I left a message on Senator Murray's line and spoke with staff on Senator Cantwell's

— Kingston, 2012-12-19 09:57:35

aid would pass message along regarding no cuts to social security

— Seattle, 2012-12-19 10:04:01

I registered my concerns to a machine with Patty Murray to a person with Sen Cantwell

— green valley, 2012-12-19 10:04:25

Left message with assistant who doesn't know what the status is of Cantwell's vote at this time. Will relay message.

— , 2012-12-19 10:10:29

Someone at these numbers said they would pass along my message.

— Bremerton, 2012-12-19 10:13:50

Left message for Senator Murray. Spoke to aid for Senator Cantwell who said he'd convey my message to her.

— Seattle, 2012-12-19 10:41:38

Both Senator Murray's and Senator Cantwell staff stated they would report my request to not cave in to any deal that would support cuts to Social Security and continue with tax cuts to the wealthy. I also asked that they not support cuts in benefits to Medicare and Medicaid.

— Puyallup, 2012-12-19 10:54:45

Emailed as it's rather difficult to get ahold of either. This is my email message: I don't require a response back but want to voice my opinion about the proposed cuts to Medicare and Social Security. I listened to Obama's speech this morning regarding gun control and the so-called "fiscal cliff." I hope Obama isn’t willing to bend on his principles after what the American people clearly did to reelect him back into office. This is what he said in November, "I am not going to ask students and seniors and middle class families to pay down the entire deficit while people like me, making over $250,000, aren't asked to pay a dime more in taxes. I'm not going to do that," said Obama. If that is the case then why is there still talk about cuts to Medicare and Social Security? Can I count on you to do everything in your power to stop this deal if it includes the reported cuts to Social Security benefits and Medicare?

— Gig Harbor, 2012-12-19 10:59:14

Both said happy to convey my message. To Patty Murray person, I said I'd received her email on 12-10 stating her position on the deal, but no where in it did I see she was opposing cuts to Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid, only that she is for tax rate increases on wealthy. I stressed I want a deal that does not cut those benefits. Staff said in past she has opposed cuts, but now with the negotiations going on she has not restated that earlier position.

— Similk Beach, 2012-12-19 11:18:41

I left a message on Murray's. And Cantwell's staff said they would pass along my request.

— Concrete, 2012-12-19 11:27:02

Talked to staff members who were polite and non-committal.

— Friday Harbor, 2012-12-19 11:29:15

no response

— Gig Harbor, 2012-12-19 11:32:44

they said thank you for your call. That's about it.

— friday harbor, 2012-12-19 11:34:15

Staff member at Sen. Cantwell's office said he would relay my concern to the senator. Left voice message for Sen. Murray. Bellingham resident, Dec. 19, 11:00 a.m.

— Marietta, 2012-12-19 11:35:45

I got an answering maching at Murray's office. A live person answered at Cantwell's office, and said they would pass the message along. Not very encouraged.

— Seattle, 2012-12-19 11:35:58

Please stop the pay for all the Senators cut all the fat from all of them -the gifts and the free cars . They all have to stop running and we need to say years and your out for ever. Go get a real job.

— SAMMAMISH, 2012-12-19 11:48:21

Attendant (can't call them aids as none I've talked to in months even sound like they are proud of their job) said she'd pass on my comments.

— Kirkland, 2012-12-19 11:50:07

Please doi not cut social security. We paid into it and the government borrowed money from it that they never repaid. The government already takes away one third of my social security and I can not get any of my husband social security. They call it double dipping but it really is not because I paid that money into social security and they had it for apporoximately 50 years before I started collecting on it.

— Vancouver, 2012-12-19 11:53:01

Left message with staff member telling Sen. Murray absolutely no cuts to SS, Medicare, Medicaid, etc.

— Bellingham, 2012-12-19 12:02:05

talked to staff for both offices--and they just said they'd pass the message on. But, hard to get thru to Murray's staff--too many calls, perhaps; it took me a while to get through.

— Seattle, 2012-12-19 12:09:56

Cantwell aid said he would relay my message. Left voice mail for Murray and requested a written answer on how she would interface with Obama on this.

— Port Townsend, 2012-12-19 12:50:21

Murray -- recording left message Cantwell -- left message with aid

— , 2012-12-19 12:51:49

Murray: left a message Cantwell: talked to staff member, he would relay the message. Want her to know her constituents know Social Security is not an entitlement, doesn't add to the deficit, and has been earned by those paying into it. Balancing budget should not be on the backs of those who need Social Security when rich individuals and corporations hide money overseas to not pay their share.

— Spokane, 2012-12-19 13:04:31

Senator Cantwell had a gentleman answer the phone who didn't make any comments other than say he'd pass it on.

— Ocean Shores, 2012-12-19 13:06:44

Left a msg for Sen Murray and spoke with an aid (who seemed barely interested - didn't remember my name until I asked him to do so). Said we had always voted for them and supported them and now please support the most vulnerable in our society.

— Edmonds, 2012-12-19 13:59:06

Cantwell's aid said she would convey my message. I thought when Move-On knocked itself out reelecting the Sellout Nigger, it was going to "hold his feet to the fire." You don't seem to be doing a very good job. When are you going to go third part?

— Shoreline, 2012-12-19 14:00:56

I left a detailed msg on other places to make cuts: tax loopholes for corporations, excell military spending, subsidies to oil companies.

— Vancouver, 2012-12-19 14:29:02

I've also called Sen. Reid and Rep Pelosi.

— Brush Prairie, 2012-12-19 14:31:59

No cuts to SS please

— Seattle, 2012-12-19 15:05:28

I left recorded messages with both senators urging them to protect social Security by refusing to accept S.S. cuts during the current fiscal negotiations.

— vancouver,wa, 2012-12-19 15:11:15

I left a message and will continue to call them

— Mesa, 2012-12-19 15:35:16

I left messages with both Senators as this does affect my household because this is my only income. I have promised myself that I will call every day, if it means that my voice will definitely be heard. And I will do this just to see if they are truly working for me - the people.

— Seattle, 2012-12-19 15:50:32

Recieved return e-mail form Cantwell-she opposes chained CPI

— Port Orchard, 2012-12-19 15:51:16

I'm astounded at the proposal to go after social Security and Medicare!

— Yakima, 2012-12-19 15:53:56

Patty Murray do not touch our social security.......and what is wrong with obama that is our money

— Possession, 2012-12-19 16:38:52

I suggested they raise the limit on income from which social security deductions are made. I believe that deductions currently stop after the first $125k but many, many people earn way more than that and should continue to have deductions.

— Seattle, 2012-12-19 16:41:01

Dear Senator Patty, You are one of the best in Washington state and Washington D.C. in my book. Please don't cave to the Republicans on SS Medicare or Medicaid. We all NEED it. Thank you.

— Spokane, 2012-12-20 09:07:36

I spoke with an aide in Sen. Cantwell's office, and left a voicemail message for Sen. Murray.

— Pullman, 2012-12-20 09:17:38

My results were same as reported by others here.Left message on Sen.Murray's machine and aid for Sen.Cantwell took message and asked for my zip code. -Issaquah, 2012-12-20 10:09am

— Pine Lake, 2012-12-20 10:09:59

I indicated that in a deal regarding computing social security cost of living increases in a way that cuts benefits over time, that I would only support this if it only applied to incomes above $100,000, that the devil is in the details and that we did not vote for cuts to the safety net.

— Gig Harbor, 2012-12-20 10:25:44

Senator Cantwell's staff took my request and promised to pass it on to her. Senator Murray's line was busy, and I will call to speak with an intern.

— Bainbridge Island, 2012-12-20 10:45:15

Left a message for both Senators Cantwell and Murray.

— Naselle, 2012-12-20 11:01:52

A staffer picked up the phone for Senator Maria Cantwell. I expressed my concern - she told me that she will communicate to Senator. Got recording from Pat Murry - left a message that SSI benefits should not be touched - and asked a solid stand from her.

— Richland, 2012-12-20 11:27:06

Cantwell left a message with the receptionist Murray left message on answering machine

— Mount Vernon, 2012-12-20 11:45:14

spoke with Sen. Cantwell's aid. He said she was against any cuts to SS and will pass along my comments.

— Anacortes, 2012-12-20 12:09:12

I left a message on her facebook. Here it is: Why are you on the half-way there list for the SSI deal? When I voted for the Democrats, it was because you were all for the people. DO NOT JOIN the REP! Do not make any deals! Let it all go, and do the right thing! Here is an article to help you:

— Chattaroy, 2012-12-20 12:46:32

Sounds like she's still looking to negotiate it. I told the staffer that I think no deal is better than a bad deal, and that my life depends on Medicaid benefits. He said "thank you."

— Times Square, 2012-12-20 12:48:36

Left message with staffer of Sen. Cantwell. Left voice mail for Sen. Murray.

— Seattle, 2012-12-20 13:26:04

both offices said generally they oppose cuts to Social Security benefits but both offices would not commit specifically to opposing this current deal

— Seattle, 2012-12-20 14:12:59

Left message and asked her not to support any cuts.

— Tacoma, 2012-12-20 14:37:34

Don't you dare reduce cola to the aged. Why should we put ourselves on the chopping block for these selfish Republicans who have created the debt problem? We bailed out Wall Street and protested the two unfunded wars and now they want seniors who are most vulnerable to pay for their shameful squandering that serves their partisan interests with the inexorable and often fatal toll its profligate spending policies exact. NO! NO! NO!

— Mount Vernon, 2012-12-20 14:54:20

i'm planning on calling back and talking to a staff member

— edmonds, 2012-12-20 16:46:27

Left messages at both Senators Offices.

— seattle, 2012-12-20 17:33:07

The people who work in WS DC and Oly should stop thinking of them self and work for the American People. They are all the same they think only of themself. Their Wages -insurance -food -gas all paid for my us and they think of themself what they can put in their pocket. Both sides are the same . We have no respect for any one who work there.

— , 2012-12-20 18:26:59

Just left a message. Mentioned your site and that you've listed her as uncertain. I have a suggestion: on your page where you list the senators to call, it would be helpful if they were in alphabetical order.

— Brandon, 2012-12-21 08:03:36

I agree with Alan Goodin ... Sen. Cantwell's aide seemed totally uninterested, except to ask for my zip code. If he was inundated/overwhelmed with phone calls, I'd rather have been able to hear my senator's friendly voice, inviting my comments, etc. Perhaps Sen. Cantwell is unfairly burdening this aide? F.Y.I.: Social Security funding and spending has *never* been a problem. Politicians have "borrowed" (and not replaced) from those funds. Recipients, especially those who are unable to improve their income, should not be penalized! Teresa Bierbaum - University Place

— UNIVERSITY PLACE, 2012-12-21 08:11:45

don't cut Social Security!!!

— Seattle, 2012-12-22 16:44:04

Please don't waiver on this issue, it's too important.....many peoples' futures are at steak. Stop the politics and get to work.....please!!!

— , 2012-12-22 16:48:29

Thanks for helping seniors!

— Los Angeles, 2012-12-24 15:17:58

Spoke with a receptionist at Cantwell's and left a message at Murray's.

— Vashon, 2012-12-28 08:58:01

I gave my opinion to a live person at Patty M's office and left a phone message with Maria C, telling them both who I am, where I live and that I am on SS and can't afford any reduction in cost of living. I asked them to do everything in their power to protect SS.

— Wallingford, 2012-12-28 13:09:58

Dear Senator Murray: I am a staunch Democrat and you have been able to count on me for reelection for years. I am a retired elementary teacher and I am asking you, “Don't let me down”. Do not support any type of cuts to Social Security what-so-ever. That includes adjustment to the chained CPI index. We, who are retired are not able to earn any supplemental income on our savings because of the low interest fact we are being forced to dig into our savings earlier than planned. So DO NOT support any cuts to Social Security and that would include cuts via the Chained CPI. Thank you, Sandy Geer

— Vancouver, 2012-12-30 18:08:29

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— East Providence, 2013-01-26 19:06:30

I don't know what cuts were proposed. If they delay SS for another year, or stopped rich people from being able to get it - I'm for it. If they are talking about cutting current SS or SS benefits for those over 40, I'm against it. You should include a link to the legislation on file in your emails.

— Vancouver, 2013-02-01 12:02:52

I'm opposed to any cuts to social security or medicare benefits and especially the proposed plan to change how the oost of living increases are calculated. Food, housing, drug and transportation costs continue to skyrocket. Those dependent on social security already buy the cheapest items they can find - if they can afford them!

— Spokane, 2013-02-09 11:04:29

My senior clients, hundreds, think as I do that this is a sell out. Balancing the budget on the backs of low and middle income seniors while the rich enjoy the lowest tax rates in history is morally wrong and Democrats who go along with this proposal will lose support. This is an outrage!

— Lake Stevens,, 2013-04-05 09:53:34

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— , 2014-03-15 01:38:48

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