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Rep. Baird: Support Our Troops -- Bring them Home

Last March, Rep. Baird voted with the Democrats to force Bush to bring troops home. Now he says he'll oppose timelines to bring our troops home from the unwinnable civil war in Iraq. We've got a new ad challenging Rep. Baird on his new support for the Iraq War.




Riot in Abu Ghraib market area. 2000 people from the community (Iraqis) protested the soldiers. They were not terrorists. Soldiers were told they were there to liberate these people but they were shooting at us.

In November 2003, there were two days of riots and destruction in Abu Ghraib's market. [Christian Science Monitor, 11/5/03]

“[W]hat started as a small protest over Iraqi police efforts to move traffic-blocking vendors flared to a bloody confrontation between locals and outsiders on one side - some armed with rockets - and U.S. troops and tanks. Rocks were thrown, and the police, feeling threatened, called in the Americans. As tanks and infantry soldiers arrived, what had been small-arms fire escalated to grenades and 25 millimeter shells being fired at the U.S. troops.” [Christian Science Monitor, 11/5/03]

“U.S. troops battled guerrillas and residents of Abu Ghraib for the second time in three days. Helicopters and tanks patrolled the town, and soldiers fired on a photographer trying to cover the fighting and barred reporters from viewing the scene. Residents of Abu Ghraib said the fight began when guerrillas threw a grenade at an American Humvee, wounding several soldiers and killing at least one….Since Friday morning, when the clashes began, soldiers and the Iraqi police have essentially destroyed Abu Ghraib's market, residents said. Guerrillas have used the market as cover to fire on American patrols in Abu Ghraib for months, U.S. soldiers have said.” [International Herald Tribune, 11/3/03]

“On Friday, in the Abu Ghraib market west of Baghdad, U.S. troops killed 14 Iraqis after they were attacked with grenades and small arms fire, a U.S. Army source said.” [CNN, 11/2/03]

Keeping American soldiers in Iraq for an indefinite period of time being attacked by an unidentifiable enemy is immoral

As of April 23, 2007, at least 3,323 members of the U.S. military had died since the beginning of the Iraq war in March 2003. [Associated Press, 4/23/06]

Tell Rep. Baird:
Support Our Troops
Bring Them Home

President Bush told troops that to withdraw before "the job is done" would be tantamount to accepting defeat…Bush repeated his warning that Iraq will descend deeper into chaos if Democrats succeed in setting a deadline for U.S. forces to withdraw from Iraq. [Washington Post, 4/5/07]