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contact 2014 MoveOn Member Priority Survey

This year MoveOn members will launch and run thousands of powerful campaigns -- and as a national MoveOn community, we'll pick a small number of high-priority campaigns where we'll focus to make the biggest impact. This Official 2014 Member Priorities will help show where MoveOn members stand, plan our next steps together, and help connect you to the campaigns you most care about. We'll share the overall results with the media, decision-makers, and of course all MoveOn members will get a copy too.

Progressive Issue Campaigns

Please rate how interested you would be to take action on the following issue campaigns:

Preventing war with Iran
Stopping bad trade deals like the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP)
Working to overturn Citizens United and get money out of our politics
Advocating for marriage equality
Fully implementing Obamacare
Stopping unconstitutional NSA spying
Passing a new Voting Rights Act and stopping voter suppression in the states
Extending unemployment benefits
Raising the minimum wage (federally or locally)
Advocating for a public health care option in the states
Stopping the Keystone XL pipeline
Work to defend and expand Social Security benefits
Passing comprehensive immigration reform
Fighting against fracking and other polluting industries
Divesting public funds from gun manufacturers
Expanding Medicaid in states that have rejected it

Something else (please describe)

Electoral Campaigns

Please rate how interested you would be to take action on the following electoral campaigns:

Working to ensure that progressives vote in 2014
Defeating Republican governors
Protecting the Senate from a Republican takeover
Taking back the House of Representatives by defeating Tea Party incumbents
Protecting progressive champions
Do you know whom you're supporting for president in 2016? Here are a few folks the media has mentioned:

About Yourself

The following information will help integrate you into important campaigns this year (check all that apply)

I have personally benefited from Obamacare
I or someone close to me is or has recently been unemployed
I or someone close to me has a low wage job
I am a small business owner
I am a teacher/educator
I am a union member
I am a veteran or currently enlisted in the military
I depend on Social Security for my living expenses
I am an elected official
I am a medical professional
I am a student
I am on Facebook
I am on Twitter

Privacy Policy

Petitions and Surveys

For petitions and surveys you've signed or completed, we treat your name, city, state, and comments as public information - for example, we may provide compilations of petitions, with your comments, to the President and legislators, other targets, or to the press. We will not make your street address publicly available, but we may transmit it to members of Congress and to the President as part of a petition. This is a standard industry practice in such situations. In no such case will we disclose your email address or phone number without your permission. We may also make your comments, along with your first name, city, and state available to the press and public online.

Under circumstances where we determine that members may be misusing our systems for malicious purposes (for example, using the numbers we provide to make harassing phone calls), such activities may be reported to law enforcement agencies. In such cases, MoveOn may release personally identifiable information, including name and address, to those agencies.

For our complete privacy policy, click here.