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Every week between now and the election Political Action will be posting a new advertisement by a well-known director... plus a new Jimmy the Cab Driver spot!

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Episode #10:
"Family Feud"

Written by:
Donal Logue

Directed by:
Jesse Peretz &
Clay Tarver

Produced by:
Crossroads Films

Executive Producer:
Jeff Levy-Hinte

LAST UPDATED: November 1, 2004


George W. Bush has done more than any modern President to destroy our natural environment.

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) estimates that more than 120 million Americans live in areas with unhealthy air.  And not all pollution is visible to the naked eye. Unseen toxic substances including mercury, carbon dioxide, sulfur dioxide, nitrogen oxides, arsenic, and lead pass from the air we breathe into the water we drink and the food we eat. Today, even in many places where the air might seem relatively clean, the oceans, rivers, and groundwater reveal dangerously high toxin levels.


CHarlie Fisher's
"THE AIR WE Breathe"

Director'S NOTE:
I didn't vote in 2000. So I'll try to be nice. George Bush's legacy will be that he got me and millions like me off their butts. Not just back interested in politics, but participating in America. That's why I made this ad.

--Charlie Fisher

Written, Directed and Edited by the Team of:
Charlie Fisher, Per Dreyer
Production/Ad Company:
Small But Global

Executive Producer:
Laura Dawn
Per Dreyer
Post Production:
Sonne Film CPH

Every week from now until the election, Political Action will announce a new grassroots initiative in its campaign to elect John Kerry, paired with one of the 10 Weeks ads.

The ads that make up the 10 Weeks campaign include the work of notable American film directors and actors including: Matt Damon, Rob Reiner, Richard Linklater, Scarlett Johanssen, Kevin Bacon, Al Franken, Rebecca Romijn, Martin Sheen, Margaret Cho, Doug Liman (The Bourne Identity), Darren Aronofsky (Requiem for a Dream), Donal Logue, Ed Asner, Charlie Fisher (Bush in 30 Seconds Ad Contest Winner) Moby, John Sayles (Silver City), Allison Anders, Illeana Douglas, Ione Skye, and many others.

Every ad in this campaign bears the unique handprint of the directors and artists who created them. But they’re unified by one thing: unseating President Bush in November. That’s the whole reason behind this campaign and why we’re so grateful to have this unprecedented caliber of talent behind this cause, working side by side with MoveOn members to take back our country.

The 10 Weeks Ad Campaign was created and directed by Bush in 30 Seconds co-creator and Political Action staff member Laura Dawn, along with Political Action Executive Director Eli Pariser, and Jeffrey Witte. A wonderful group of film community professionals served on an Advisory and Action Committee: special thanks to Nelson George, Robert Greenwald, Ted Hope, Eva Kolodner, Steven Kotler, Jeffrey Levy-Hinte, Liz Manne, Yael Melamede, Barbara Moss, James Schamus, & Catherine Tait. Political Action Executive Director: Eli Pariser Political Action Team: Laura Dawn, Mat Jacobson, Diane Jones, Rosalyn Lemieux, Adam Ruben, Justin Ruben, James Rucker


John Sayles

Featuring MoveOn members: Anya Maria Mayans, Jennifer Dorr White, Christopher L. McAllister, Ramona Floyd, Paul Niebanck, Barbara Bleier, Cynthis Addai-Robinson, and the voice of Martin Sheen
ProducerS: Chad Redmon, Robert Ptak
Editor: Mario Ontal
Executive Producer: Chad Redmon

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Plus All the Jimmy the Cab Driver ads, and much more...

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